Is it wise? Re: unholytrinitydownunder tour
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06-02-2015, 07:30 AM
RE: Is it wise? Re: unholytrinitydownunder tour
(05-02-2015 09:25 PM)Free Thought Wrote:  
(01-02-2015 08:00 PM)Hugh Janus Wrote:  I worry that Seth, Aron and Matt may be in physical Danger when in Australia from the Devout Muslims Down/Up/Over there. It is good to go, because the poor Atheists there surely need some love, but we must remember that not all the world is as safe as the USA. Naming the group, 'The Unholy Trinity' in the USA, is one thing, but the Devout Muslims in Australia are, shall we say arguably more active than they are in the USA, so I question the wisdom of shoving that moniker in their faces.

As an Atheist I believe that we should all be able to say whatever we want about the gods and religions, but many Muhammadeen do not believe this and are not unknown to use extreme violence to persuade people from doing so. Is it foolhardy, risky, crazy or will the Aussies pile on adequate security to ensure the Trio return to the USA with their heads still firmly attached to their live bodies. Will the soldiers of Allah in the Deen of Muhammad feel tempted and goaded into action by the blasphemous bravado of these three Infidels openly touting themselves as purveyors of Evil?!

The 'Original' unholy trinity are Satan, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet. The Muhammadans may not take too kindly to a False Prophet, an Antichrist, and Satan coming to their land to denigrate their non-prophet and gods.

You can get away with that shit easily when dealing with Christians because their religion has substantially evolved away from Murderous Violence notwithstanding the popes recent comments (Re:his mother), and child raping priests being shrouded from justice, however you three Bozos should perhaps pay a visit to the local BDSM dungeon and rent out metal neck corsets for the duration of your trip to Aussiland because if/when the Aussie Imams or the mujahideen down there get wind of your Unholy Trinity Tour, you may well wish you had thought of a less provocative moniker.

Does anyone know if the Trio has brushed up on their ninjitsu or spetsnaz skills before embarking on the trip or will they be relying entirely upon prayer to The Holy Trinity, to ensure the safe return of the Unholy Trinity.

Perhaps I am overcautious, but while I regard Atheism as interesting, it's nothing to lose your head over.

Protip: Australia =/= Afghanistan.

Yabut, Paris =/= Kabul. Dodgy

Skepticism is not a position; it is an approach to claims.
Science is not a subject, but a method.
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