Is the Bell-Curve shifting to the left?
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28-03-2013, 09:44 PM
RE: Is the Bell-Curve shifting to the left?
Every now and then you get some idiot who is serving you and can't figure out how much change to give you and reach for their calculator when it's something so obvious.

I'd say that any combination of change giving is obvious but I think I could forgive someone not knowing 2.40 - 0.80 or something.
I'd think they were an idiot, but wouldn't really give it a second thought (as I think most people are idiots).

Reminds me of a time when I as getting a hotdog at a hotdog trailer kitchen thingy at a big event, the total came to $4 and I gave her a $5 note, she couldn't work out how much change to give me... She had to use the calculator. Suffice to say the looks on the people around me were the same as mine.

HOWEVER, relating to the bell curve (btw the title doesn't say it all) and an overall average of society I'd say that people are probably more smart simply because yes there are really really really really stupid people, but there are also on the counter side really really really really smart people (do I dare say it? do I go there? fuck it!: Like me.) and I'd say that the national average is probably the same.

I'm sure there is evidence out there though. For example classrooms are bigger and children are less behaved and there's more poverty and more violent crime, gangs etc... (aka, outside influences).
BUT on the counter to this there is also better ways of teaching students. Teachers are less likely to be physco fucked in the head. Better technology for teaching etc...
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29-03-2013, 02:34 PM
RE: Is the Bell-Curve shifting to the left?
Yea, I have noticed some cashiers having a very inefficient methods for counting change from the customer, and it takes up time, and it gives you a chance to think that they aren't too bright, they will probably not aspire to anything better.

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