Israel PM gives speech at UN. Op/ED.
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29-09-2014, 12:46 PM
Israel PM gives speech at UN. Op/ED.
Israel's PM rightfully condemned far too much of Islam as wanting dominance. He also used the "I was here first" argument from tradition. If he thinks that is a good argument then he should demand America give the land back to Native Americans.

How, on the one hand can one rightfully condemn the idea of a religious state, then want one himself? "But it is watered down, we allow guests, they can vote too". No Israel, freedom of religion is about neutral law, not winks at one group. Watered down pecking orders are still pecking orders. If Israel truly wants to be secular than it cannot make land claims based on the Talmud or claims about blood rights. No Israel, it is not anti Semetic, to suggest Jefferon's idea to protect religious freedom by not playing favorites.

I am not talking about making Jews leave. I am talking about what Jefferson knew about religion and government. There simply is no way to represent diversity by putting one group as "special with guests welcome".

If you want to claim blood rights, any scientist will tell you even the people of the Canaanites prior to Hebrews, had common ancestors. Any scientist can also tell you that go back far enough and all humans came from Africa. Go back further and humans evolved from other primates.

No one should ever advocate you leave, or advocate genocide. But to say you are not engaged in the same religious tribalism is absurd. Religion will not go away, I do not expect it to. But adults teach their tribalism to kids, even when it is watered down claiming to be secular.
The only language any state's laws should have is "Freedom of religion" without name dropping.

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