Issues with my marriage to a Catholic woman
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26-05-2014, 07:49 AM
RE: Issues with my marriage to a Catholic woman
(26-05-2014 04:23 AM)ExPat_Matt Wrote:  I am beginning to see that I am that I have battered spouse syndrome. Things got worse because she found that I have been on atheist websites and I have posted some links to stories on twitter proclaiming my atheism. It's difficult because financially I am tied up right now and I can't make any moves. I am still really tight with her family and I think that if I get out I am going to loose their support, which we get a lot of. It makes it seem like it's all her fault but I am not entirely tactful in my approach to her beliefs. As well I am sure that I have done some of the actions on that abuse website but not as many as hers. You are correct that I don't think she wants to be told that she's wrong. I don't want to leave her because I want to work on it but if it's futile then I have to devise a plan of action and get out, my only problem is that how have you prove domestic emotional abuse? She'll just cry bullshit and it's my word versus hers. We are both guilty but I know I am willing to admit it and hopefully one day she will so we can work on this. Though from what I am sensing I am a fool and I need to leave right away.

Based on your posts, it seems like your wife is not going to get better in the way you are treated; I'd argue that the very beginning of this relationship shows that: She lied to you (as you would find out later), left for five years and then came back outta nowhere with your kid.
A far, far less cynical person might decide to see that she wanted you to have a part in the tyke's life, but it honestly would not surprise me if she came back only because, for whatever hitherto unknown reason, she had no other recourse.

In the light of my pessimism-strewn tirade: it occurs to me that it may be in your best interest to leave as soon as possible, but first, do try to get a therapist or psych to do an official evaluation on you. You never know how potent a weapon like that can be. Especially if it can be used to catch her off-guard in times of legal proceedings were they to occur.

Of course, ultimately your actions are your own and nobody here can dictate them; if you feel there is some hope and want to pursue it, by all means do so. Just keep in mind that at least one random dude on the internet thinks it's a bad idea.

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