It is what is NOT in the Bible that bothers me
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23-07-2017, 05:47 AM
RE: It is what is NOT in the Bible that bothers me
What is NOT in the Bible that bothers the fuc out of me;

Is the scant details and so few ghost stories regarding the unstated duration jezus was walking the planet after rising from the freakin' dead. Smokin
You would think those missing chapters would go on and on like that series of 24! Every fuc'n moment would need to be shared as the lessons to really hang your hats on, but no, guess these stories were taboo or forgotton? wft?

How could something soooo fuc'n amazing get so little "print" and eye witness accounts? Okay, so he ate some fish, and Thomas put his dry willie through jezus's "holy" hands. Banana_zorro
And that's (essentially) it??
Bull Shit.:Tease

Ain't buying it, still not sure why I insisted on purposely convincing myself to (god dammit) go along with it as I did. I guess I never really did go "full in" with this chit.)

Why wasn't a trip to his fuc'ed up temple on his agenda (assumed so since it is not written about?) Oops I would think the "church" would have gotten their holy chit together had a visit from the solid vapor dude had visited.Argue

So right when this story starts getting REALLY REAL, the ink wells dry up?Smokin
Bull Shit!

You have to be odd to be #1.
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