Italian Lives Matter
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11-09-2015, 06:15 PM
Italian Lives Matter
I just encounter an enspireing online genius on youtube. Some guy posing with the Afghan flag as his avatar. His amazing idea? Well according to his genius all white Australian are illigal migrants who settled there through unjust means via their ancestors who I guess were all just ancorancestors. As such it is nececery to deport all white people living in Australia an make room for the aboriginals? No, according to him it should be muslims.

Quote:Why didn't the convicts in Australia go back to England when their sentences were over.

Quote:What makes it Britain's territory when they're the migrants/refugees there?

Quote:+TheGermansarecoming Yep. The whites weren't the first people there, and they're immigrants if they live in Australia. They also didn't get permission from the original owners of the land (indigenous Aborigines). And please retarded shit, I'm not a fucking Arab. I support the saving of lives, the saving of innocent children, women and men. Just because I support life over death doesn't make me an Arab. You truly are a piece of retarded shit. Go back and get fucked by Hitler.

Quote:That is all I need, the sign that you've given up. Just because people live there for 5 generations doesn't remove the fact that all of them have been living there illegally. Just because for almost 100+ generations people thought the Earth was flat, doesn't make the Earth flat.

Anyway. I`d usualy not give much attention to the vermin that crawls out into the internet from the uneducated muslim world, but it kind of amused me how this "black lives matter" social justice rethoric has slimed it`s way through the ranks of hideous college freshmen and is being picked up through the internet by muslim halfwits.

And. Because the regions of North Africa, Arabia and Anatolia were part of the Roman Empire for over a 1000 years, I hereby demand that all illigal Arab, Israeli, Turkish, Kurdish and Alawite migrants are removed and that those regions are returned to their rightfull Italian owners!

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12-09-2015, 03:54 PM
RE: Italian Lives Matter
Everyone is the descendant of an immigrant.

You just have to go back in history far enough.

Claims of being "indigenous" to some particular place is just picking and choosing a part of history that you're comfortable with.


I'm a double atheist. I don't believe in your god or your politician.
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