Its Australia Day 26/1
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25-01-2012, 02:38 PM
Its Australia Day 26/1
I,m not what you would call a real patriot so my views may seem a bit harsh

WEll today every one is expected to eat kilos of lamb to help the economy and because its UN AUSRALIAN not to do so; so much for the vegos.

Lots of people fly flags have barbies and drink lots of beer to celebrate the first landing and all but decimation of the aboriginee people who had lived here 50,000 years.

Our P.M. performed a hatchet job on the incumbant and rules by a very slight margin depending on the support of Independents to pass legislation.
Some Australians are really crazy gamblers an an Independent had advocated major reform. He has also been stabbed in the back
Our Julia is an atheist who opposes gay marriage and delightts in political correctness.Her partner is known as Australia'a First Bloke

Political correctness is increaing rapidly in Australia with views contrary to the evolving norms (multi culturalism is wonderful) likely to be legalised out of existence.
This makes for something of a stagnant quasi dictatorship.
As a capitalist country King Consumerism reigns supreme, irrespective, largely, of what the repercussions may be. Its all tied up with G.N.P.

WE are a very bush fire prone country, a couple of years ago being ravaged in Victoria by Black Saturday, when many people died and the temperature topped 46C. Government funding in fire control always seems lacking.

On the credit side our sporting finesse is well known, although lacking in this years Grand Slam and we play the greatest football on earth. We have also produced a few good actors; Geoffry rush was named Australian of The Year.
Haven't heard much of Paul Hogan for awhile. He was charged with tax evasion ;today I guess, if he's over here he will be throwing another prawn on the barbie.
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27-01-2012, 04:05 PM
RE: Its Australia Day 26/1
Only you fucking Aussies could find the establishment of a penal colony as a cause for celebration. Crazy ass fuckers. Big Grin

There is but one truly serious philosophical problem. - Camus
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