Jaclyn Glenn's awkward interview with a preacher
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12-09-2016, 07:28 PM
Jaclyn Glenn's awkward interview with a preacher
God fucking damn, this was hard to stomach. Rainbow Vomit

She seemed nervous about being put on the spot with such ignorant questions. She did an ok job for the most part. Probably better than I would have done in that situation.


My responses to these dumb ass questions:
"Were your parents... Godly? Let me clarify, by Godly I mean 100% perfect."
That is a rhetorical question. You're only asking so you can stroke your own ego.

"...aha! but is your life... Perfect Is it, hmm? Is it 100% perfect? I'll bet it's not. 'cause you ain't got God, that's why!"
Perfection is overrated. Striving for absolute perfection will only lead to disappointment.

"Sin makes people not want to admit when they're wrong, blah blah blah."
Hmm, funny, I'd say religion does that. Drinking Beverage
The doctrines of heaven and hell in your religion necessitate that you feel correct in your assumptions, Always. Wait, aren't Christians supposed to be humble?

"Radical homosexuals!!!! Do you agree that they hate Freedom?"
If it turns out St. Paul was gay, would that make Christianity... a part of the gay agenda? hmmm Consider

"Objective morality,etc. where is your moral compass/barometer/stethoscope, bladitty blah?"
Definitely not from the god of the Hebrew Bible. Christ, what an asshole, am I right

"Do you discriminate... Come on, come on, do you... do yooooouuuuu? You know... what kind of ice cream you like to eat, or against Christians, you know... discrimination."
Oh, most certainly I discriminate! Are you kidding me? Anyone who's descended from the Israelites deserves extra attention from me. I'll go to great lengths to protect them, but specifically only them. Anyone else can just go fuck themselves, am I right Angel

An unconstructively divisive buzzword that gets used in place of actual discussions on specific topics.

"Presidential pick? you'd better not say goddamn Hillary."
Vermin Supreme, mutha fucka
[Image: pics-pony-2.jpg]

"Hillary Clinton IS A [NOUN]!"
Ooh, a Mad Lib, theses are fun! Umm... a human being?... no? That wasn't the answer you were looking for? Okay, Umm, can I replace it with series of a context-sensitive adjectives instead? No? That's the opposite of what you want? Ok, umm... a politician? That's the best I've got, sorry.

As long as I get the leftovers. My fridge is getting empty Drooling
"Consensual incest?"
That's probably the most legitimate question you've asked this whole interview. Nice job. Care to have a nuanced discussion about that? No? k then, bye.

"Stop discriminating against Trump."

If we came from dust, then why is there still dust?
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12-09-2016, 09:04 PM
RE: Jaclyn Glenn's awkward interview with a preacher
I thought she did well considering how out of his mind he was. She looked ready to slug him if he said "radical homosexuals" one more time though. Implying she never really believed was grating. And the discriminate thing was so offensive, agreed. I was cheering her at the whole part where she was trying to explain that no, choosing what to eat or not liking something about a boyfriend was not the same discrimination as against people's skin color or sexual identity. Also hated the part where he tried to make her marriage's failure be her fault for trying to have a career instead of being a meek little obedient housewife.
Edit: Oh and you linked to it from her channel, not his FallenStateTV one...good move, the comments on his copy of the video would make everyone's blood boil as they agreed with him and slammed her.

Need to think of a witty signature.
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13-09-2016, 10:09 AM
RE: Jaclyn Glenn's awkward interview with a preacher
Couldn't watch all of it. Made it about a minute 30 in.
When he said he couldn't understand......blah blah blah, I had to stop right there.

His admission of not being able to understand is the overriding issue.

And we already know that.

I didn't need to hear him say more things that were utter lies and misunderstandings.

Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
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