Jehovah and Omniscience.
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30-05-2012, 06:07 PM (This post was last modified: 30-05-2012 06:11 PM by Mr Woof.)
Jehovah and Omniscience.
It is common today for theologians to speak of God as being omniscient, yet nowhere in the Old Testament is this claim in any way substantively made.Jehovah God comes across as a confused entity seeking to command a specific tribe of people while conquering other Gods such as Baal in order to win some sort of battle of attrition. While claiming to be an angry and jealous god, among other negative traits, this leader of men also appears impotent when it comes to getting anything done. In the passover God directs all of his people to display blood from their windows in order that he will not confuse them with the Egyptians who he is intend on eliminating via a series of plagues and pestilence;hardly the behaviour of a god of any imposing value.

The early Jewish faith was a mix of worshipping other deities besides Jehovah until quite late in the historical saga, if we look to history, and even here there are some historians that oppose the conventional views entirely.Earlier in the piece Yahweh allegedly orders Moses to kill many of the Israelites who have built a golden calf to worship, as a result of their disenchantment as to how things were working out.

It would appear that Jehovah god was a god of fear, devoid of reason, restraint, compromise, compassion, and certainly in no way showing any sign of omniscience, the modus operandi being a mission to destroy mentality.

At the time of the appearance of Jesus, Judaism had severed its ties with the other arguably worse religions and were a largely autonomous body largely represented by the Pharisees and Saducees. Any omniscience of God does does not come across as an issue, and as for eternal life the Saduccees didn't even believe in it .(Thats why they were so sad you see) Indeed, the early Church father Marcion, who had quite a big following, would have completely destroyed the Old Testament on the basis of his idea that Jehovah was a charlatan and the real God had sent Jesus to patch things up.

I think what I have written may indicate that the concept of omniscience is not scriptural and that such a notion simply further muddeys the waters in respect to theologians trying to impose intellectually remiss belief systems upon us, while still turning to all aspect of the Bible.

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