Jesus Walks on Water (satire)
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13-12-2016, 04:36 AM
RE: Jesus Walks on Water (satire)
(11-12-2016 11:00 PM)Deltabravo Wrote:  So, you are saying that the crucifixion mocks Josephus?

Yes, I have that example too, but that is the meat, I am giving you now only the milk

(11-12-2016 11:00 PM)Deltabravo Wrote:  Surely the better approach is to see the War with the Jews' reference to Mary barbecuing the baby is a satire of the Jewish people as they portray themselves in the OT. I mentioned Psalm 137 above. They are in captivity, upset, and they vow to take revenge by dashing children on the rocks. The OT portrays them as baby killers. That is the satire.

I am not sure where you are going with this.

Why on earth would you think that Josephus was capable of satire? There was no Jewish tradition for satire at that time, the Greeks are the ones who had a long tradition of writing satire. Plus Josephus stated himself many times how much he hated satire and thought it was evil (consistent with his Jewish heritage):

"nor by way of irony, as thou wilt say, (for he was entirely a stranger to such an evil disposition of mind,) but he wrote this by way of attestation to what was true...”
– The Life Of Flavius Josephus, 1:65

“However, I may justly blame the learned men among the Greeks, who… which moderns, although they may be superior to the old writers in eloquence, yet are they inferior to them in the execution of what they intended to do… where it must be reproachful to write lies, when they must be known by the readers to be such…”
– Josephus, Wars of the Jews, Preface, 5

He didn't understand satire and he thought it was evil. Also what kind of motivation could Josephus have had to include Cannibal Mary in his history if it didn't actually happen. Is that supposed to serve Roman vanity to remind people that they caused that to happen in the famine? On the other hand, very bad things like that can happen in a war with an internal sedition and famine killing everyone. There is no plausible reason to think that Josephus would have made that up or to think that things like that didn't happen in the war or to think that Josephus was in any way capable of satire. Again, use Occam's razor, the simplest answer is probably write: bad things like that probably did happen in the war, Josephus was probably inclined to write them to record the history and to think that all things happen because of God's will, the Greeks were probably inclined to think that that was ridiculous to think that cannibalism and genocide was God's will and they had the long tradition of writing satire. If there was satire here, it was probably the Greeks who did it. Remember, Romans were soldiers, Jews were strict, pious followers of monotheism (some of the only monotheists at the time) and the Greeks were writers and satirists and academics.
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