Jesus is Biased
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10-01-2013, 08:02 PM
Jesus is Biased
Was Jesus biased? For the sake of this question we're assuming that Jesus was real and not fictional and that the bible contains true accounts of him, blah blah blah. You'd think that Jesus would be perfectly rational, objective, and consistent, but what the bible says doesn't make a great case for it.

By the way, the funniest thing about this is about how much Jesus hates hypocrites. It was own personal insult word that he used countless times (7 times in Matthew 23 alone) and yet he was hypocritical about...


Jesus clearly preferred the poor over the rich. He told the rich young man who asked him about eternal life to give away all of his possessions and further said that it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. He told his followers that a man cannot serve two masters -- one must serve either God or money. Jesus is even down on the rich in the book of Revelation. And let's not forget that the bible is the source of the quote "the love of money is the root of *all* evil"

The bias...

When a woman pours perfume all over Jesus' feet, he enjoys it. When a disciple says "Hey! That perfume could have been sold to feed the poor!" Jesus makes the most remarkable logical fallacy -- he says that they'll always have the poor, but they won't always have Jesus. That's a comparison of apples and oranges... they wouldn't always have "the poor" in the sense of the actual people that could have been fed with that money, because those people would die like people tend to (except perhaps they would have lived a bit longer with that food that they never got). And if one believes that Jesus is the Holy Spirit, then it isn't even true that "we wouldn't always have Jesus". But in any case he was comparing a social group to a specific person so it was a false analogy.

Jesus cared about the poor, except when he was being lavished upon personally. The perfume was wasted. Whether or not the disciples actually cared about the poor (they didn't) supposedly that was a concern of Jesus, but he was a hypocrite.


In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said "blessed are the meek (humble)". The bible also says numerous positive things about being humble, and while most of these aren't actually Jesus' words, is it fair to say that Jesus agrees with the bible? I think so.

The bias...

Some say "it isn't bragging if it's true"... but that's just a cliche, not the conclusion of a logical argument. If you were the fastest runner on the planet, you *could* claim that it's not bragging to say as much... but it is. It's different to answer "Are you the fastest runner on the planet?" with an honest positive answer than it is to tell everyone within earshot about fast you are.

To give credit where it's due, Jesus was very humble in the first 3 gospels. When his disciples ask him who he is, he asks them to keep the fact that he's the Son of God private. But in John, Jesus can't shut up about who he is. The whole book is filled with countless statements where Jesus talks about who he is and why he's important. Really, Jesus, get over yourself and stop being a hypocrite.


I'm just going to straight-up present other peoples' comparisons here, because I'm already bored about this. Of course he also spoke against violence in the Sermon on the Mount, and of course he drove the money-changers out of the temple with a whip. What a hypocrite.

There you have it. I only spent a couple hours thinking about this... does anyone have any other examples of Jesus' hypocrisy?

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