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07-02-2013, 09:36 AM

I really enjoy this song and only found it a year or so ago. It reminds me almost perfectly of my hometown in Tennessee. The mindset, the description of the town, the attitude of just waiting for Jesus to save you from yourself.

I keep reading posts on facebook from people still in and around that town. Things my mother and father say. And it saddens me immensely. These people are caught in a trap and can't see the cage because they are told that those bars are there to protect them. But they keep them in. And they teach their children to accept it. And even those that realize it is a cage and fight to keep themselves in line with reason, can't escape. They can't speak their minds. And some must watch as their family spirals deeper into the delusion.

My father is taking some classes at a local community college. My dad is not perfect, but he is intelligent and is interested in learning. He has progressed a lot in recent years and a lot of it is due to classes on religion and the constant religious talk surrounding Romney this past year. He is taking a critical thinking class this semester and I commented that "everyone in that town should take one" and he vehemently agreed. Trapped in Jesusland.
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