Joining a Christian Forum
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23-05-2013, 02:08 PM
RE: Joining a Christian Forum
(24-02-2013 11:48 PM)imlemuel Wrote:  They do some really strange things on their forums! Not too surprisingly, the admins arbitrarily delete posts they find offensive, and they're pretty easily offended. They also have an "Auto-Censor, which is downright funny! Words which might be offensive are automatically replaced by an asterisk in parenthesis...(*) What's funny about it, is that you can't say "hell" you literally can't talk about their place of eternal torment! LOL. Even stranger, and really kind of sad, is that you can't use the word, "Gay". If you do, it will be redacted. You can say Homosexual all you want, but if you mention Gay Marriage, within a day it will be changed to (*) Marriage. I haven't done it yet, but I'm gonna work the word 'queer' into a post, just to see if it stays. Wanna take bets?
Amazing. This is why I can't deal with this crap, though. If they're just gonna delete all atheist posts, I figure it's better to just never go there, I'd be too frustrated.

But geez, you'd think they could talk about hell. I was almost surprised by the idiocy of "(*) marriage." ("Almost surprised," because there is really no limits to the stupidity and censorship of these places.)
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23-05-2013, 06:24 PM
RE: Joining a Christian Forum
I live in the middle of a Christian forum, so I don't want to seek one out online. All I have to do is walk out my door, go to work, go to, well, anywhere in Mississippi. I got Christians everywhere including my bf, so I am overflowing with it. I'm not interested in converting them and am glad when they leave me alone about religion. I actively try NOT to discuss or debate religion with them because I have to live and work here and most of my friends are at least nominal Christians. Thankfully we have other interests in common.

Godless in the Magnolia State
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