Judaism, Christianity and Islam god debate
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03-12-2014, 07:39 AM
RE: Judaism, Christianity and Islam god debate
(02-12-2014 06:39 PM)dancefortwo Wrote:  I've come across this many times. Christians don't realize or completely deny that they worship the same god as Muslims, the Abrahamic god. In a heated discussion with someone online I've shown how this is possible but it goes over like a lead balloon. Any suggestions to convince someone of this? The stupidity meter is quite high in this one so I'm not too optimistic.

The reason you run in to this conundrum is likely because you talk past each other. For Christians Jesus is God incarnate, while no Jew or Muslim would accept that. They don't believe in the same God in this sense. Nor do many Christians or Jews believe Muhammad was chosen as a prophet.

When a christian claims they don't believe in the same God, they mean so in the ways in which their pictures of God differ from each other, that these other conceptions are either false, or incomplete.

Saying they are the "same" brings different connotations to people, some would argue that the Obama of the Tea baggers, and of liberals is not the same.

The problem you're having, is that both of you have different understandings of what it means to be the "same". And both of you may be correct in your own respective ways, but can't see this because of semantic blinders.
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