Kanye West $53 million USD in debt
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15-02-2016, 09:02 PM
RE: Kanye West $53 million USD in debt
(15-02-2016 08:46 PM)Fireball Wrote:  
(15-02-2016 08:16 PM)Old Man Marsh Wrote:  $510 for sweatpants, because that's good marketing. Facepalm

...but they have a logo and shit! If people will line up and buy it, more power to him. But the people who buy into that shit (and "fashion" in general) make it seem like it is worth something. I don't buy into the fashion of the season, and in fact cut the "Levi" tag off my trousers after I buy them. Like the trousers? Yes. Advertise for them? No. Thankfully, I met a gal many years ago who has the same attitude about "fashion". So, we haven't had perfectly good carpet pulled out and replaced with Berber, only to be replaced by wood floors, only to be replaced yet again by shag, etc, ad nauseum. That "Keeping up with the Joneses" shit costs people tons of money. I had a guy come through the neighborhood recently telling me that some neighbors were getting pavers on their driveways, and wanted to know if I wanted to do so, as well. I told him that if he thought I was going to let him tear up a perfectly good concrete driveway, he was out of his mind. He had the grace to agree with me. I'm subtle that way. It's a gift. Tongue

That name brand and logo crap means nothing to me as far as clothing and accessories are concerned. I will buy some name brand things if the quality and comfort I want are there.

The woman I share an office with got a new Michael Kors purse for Christmas...I am pretty sure that her brown and black suitcase-sized bag didn't impress me as much as she would have liked. I am likewise under-impressed with the brown and black Michael Kors boots she got last year for Christmas. (She cried because her boyfriend only got her one gift to open...I guess he should have wrapped each boot separately.)

I bought a leather purse a couple years ago at a local store. It's real leather, an interesting and unique style, it's blue, and not a week goes by that I don't get complimented on it...it cost me $40.00. My regret is that I didn't buy two so that when this one wears out I could just get out the second one.

I have never understood the appeal of sporting a logo for some overpriced 'designer'. To my eyes many of the products are unattractive billboards.

As for Kanye's $510.00 sweatpants...they a)better keep me from sweating, b)make my body look like it did 30 years ago, and c)better have pockets that keep refilling with cash. Dodgy

See here they are, the bruises, some were self-inflicted and some showed up along the way. -JF
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15-02-2016, 10:32 PM
RE: Kanye West $53 million USD in debt
No, no, no! Kanye's sweat pants are made to make you SWEAT! Tongue My wife knows a gal at her work who buys Coach purses for lots of money. She tells me that they are cheap construction. I wouldn't know (she knows material and does quilting and sells quilts on commission, so she does know). OTOH, I do wood working and can spot shit work and materials a mile away. Those Coach purses cost a mint. Crazy.
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