Kathy's bad joke, OP/ED
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05-06-2017, 02:02 AM
RE: Kathy's bad joke, OP/ED
(04-06-2017 11:14 PM)ImFred Wrote:  
(04-06-2017 10:44 PM)Dark Light Wrote:  I think you're make quite a bit of assumptions about individual attitudes and opinions that are unwarranted.

Maybe you forgot the campaign...

To all the people who cheered and chanted racist bullshit against Mexico and claimed that we were going to force a sovereign nation to pay for a racist wall that's a symbol of hatred against their culture I say fuck you. And if you voted for him fuck you. And if you support him fuck you. There's no fucking middle ground. That's Hitler style hate. So to the millions of Americans who voted for that you are shit.

He mocked a disabled person. This is something you learn not to do in kindergarten. To every person who voted for the man who did that fuck you.

He bragged about sexually assaulting women. To every person who voted for that fuck you.

The damage is already irreparable. So yeah, if you're reading this and you voted for Trump all I have to say to you is fuck off, eat shit, and die you fucking cunts.

There's nothing for his supporters to stand on except stupidity and hate. We cannot make amends. This bullshit is unforgivable. I'm not making assumptions about people. I'm judging them by their actions.

Yeah. That campaign. *sigh*. He brought out out the worst we have seen among Americans in a long time.

I find it hard to imagine that if you voted for Trump, you would have had a reason not to vote for alt-right's Richard Spencer if he ran.

Spencer would in all probablility have run a similar but more sanitized campaign, been more of an outsider, more respectful, less egocentric, less impulsive, more trustworthy, more polite to women and the disabled, released his tax returns ... basically Trump with less baggage.

If Richard Spencer ran and won, I doubt there would be much debate about the nature of his base. And yet I see him as a generally more sane and decent human being than Trump.

We have to remember that what we observe is not nature herself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning ~ Werner Heisenberg
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