Kerbal Space Program (beta)
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08-04-2013, 06:17 PM
Kerbal Space Program (beta)
A friend if mine gifted this to me on Steam. He said he couldn't stop playing it. So I tried it last weekend.

Because its in beta there are no goals as yet. They've given players what amounts to Space Program Legos. You can build just about anything you'll be able to build in the final version (so far) and fly it wherever you have the skill and knowhow to do.

At first I thought it was just the one planet and its moon. I had heard you can try to fly to the moon, land, depart, redock your LEM with your return vehicle and return home.

But then I looked at the map again and just kept zooming out, and zooming, and zooming. Turns out there are 2 moons, and 7 other planets, some with their own moons.

Honestly, at this point I'm still just trying to learn how to properly enter orbit. Next I hope to learn reentry. My last attempt resulted in a beautiful near circular orbit...and not enough fuel remaining for a return trip. I've always been bad with my own economics.

I hope to work my way up to landing something on the first moon, preferably something unmanned! I did manage to put a satellite into orbit...bit it doesn't seem to be doing anything. Its photovoltaic panels are registering input from the sun, but the power source doesn't seem to be used for anything.

And later I hope to tinker with the Xenon propulsion systems.

So far the biggest hole in the game is the lack of the Career mode you can see but not choose. I look forward to that. There's also only a sparse collection of tutorials, something pretty important for a simulator with such a high learning curve. Also there's almost no documentation. All of these appear to be covered at the KSP web site though. I have some research to do tonight.

One bright side, my son and I have found something to geek out over together. We need as many bonding agents as we can get, he and I.

Wish us luck in our endeavors! Hope you enjoy playing it too.

Oh! Also, this is another of Steam's games currently under development. Similar to the release of the Arma 3 Alpha, the earlier you buy into the game the less you pay for it. Basically, you pay a lower fee the earlier you join into the development, and the beta and final releases of the game are included in that price.

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