KingsChosen, I Challenge You To A Debate On the Existence of God
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08-01-2013, 07:27 PM
RE: KingsChosen, I Challenge You To A Debate On the Existence of God
(08-01-2013 06:56 PM)Refuting_Ignorance_Every_Day Wrote:  Okay. We can discuss the morality of the biblical God.
I have only read Genesis in the Torah and Matthew in the Bible, as that was enough to convince me that religion was fucked up.
Why would a benevolent God kill every human being on Earth including infants, children, and pregnant women?
How could people believe in a God that evil?
You still haven't addressed as to what is considered evidence. Your above point is non-sequitur as it does nothing to prove or disprove the existence of God. You are simply disagreeing with God's morality.

Last chance, dude... if you want to debate, you need to learn how to debate.

Regardless, I will still address your point:

The Bible never makes the claim that God is omnibenevolent. Yes, it says that he is benevolent, but His benevolence is given by His own accord.

Next, morality is a relative concept. What you find moral I may find immoral and vice versa. Likewise, God's morality is relative to Him. God's morality is not human morality. Since the God of the Bible is considered perfect - omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent - He cannot be judged by those that are lesser than Him. If God is sovereign, we cannot judge God, which means that God is autonomous, and God is only accountable to Himself.

So, those things that may seem immoral to us, may not be immoral to God. If God is perfect, then everything He does is perfect - not in a "good/nice/moral" way, but in a purposeful/order way. God ordained and created sin because it serves a purpose. So, sin has to happen, which is a simple cause and effect. The evil that happens is because of an ordered purpose of God's plan. Likewise, God slaughtering people is because of an ordered plan.

Since you never established what is evidence, and you skipped immediately to God, we are assuming that the God of the Bible is true as is what the Bible says about God. With this being said, and the acceptance of the knowledge of God coming from the Bible, then the evidence stands (as what is said in the Bible), that God is perfect and so is His plan.

With this established, there is no immorality being displayed by God because of His autonomous nature.

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