Lack of Deductive or Inductive Reasoning a brain disorder ?
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26-08-2013, 07:56 PM
RE: Lack of Deductive or Inductive Reasoning a brain disorder ?
Rahn127 Wrote:He got married more than a few years back and joined a church with his wife, so ya he tends to make bad choices Smile - jk
I do have to wonder if the things he hears in his church are reflecting this "We can't know anything 100%" kind of mentality.

He gave me an example of a man walking down the street at night and another man, a stranger, is walking toward him.
He says that instantly, your guard should go up because you have no idea what this stranger might do.
He thinks his first reaction should be to move to the other side of the street to avoid contact with this stranger.
If the stranger then moves to the other side of the street to follow you then you know that something is about to go down.

He followed up by saying that if he didn't initially cross the street (meaning himself) then as he approached this stranger, he was putting himself in harms way and he, himself would be the cause of any danger that might arise because he could have avoided it, but instead made the choice to move toward danger.

This kind of thinking has it's parallels in christian thought.
The christian believes that hell lies in front of him, therefore he must take a path to move away from hell and if he doesn't then by his own actions, he is causing himself to move toward hell and only he is to blame.

I feel as though this was a bit of a backhanded blow against religion. just sayin.

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