Landing of The Mars Curiosity Rover My Engineering and Scientific Highlight for 2012
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31-12-2012, 02:10 AM
Landing of The Mars Curiosity Rover My Engineering and Scientific Highlight for 2012
Despite some of the nonsense we all have to deal with when it comes to religion and superstition i still find moments where my glass is very much half full. This year one of the huge scientific and engineering moments to me was the successful landing of the Mars Curiosity Rover at Gale Crater on Mars. For anyone who didn't witness it on line i fully recommend looking up the YouTube video 7 Minutes of Terror Followed by the video What Were You Doing When Curiosity Landed. You will get an idea of the huge challenges that faced the mission engineers and scientists as they successfully landed this 1 Ton rover on the red planet. They absolutely nailed it and now we can all look forward to some very exciting scientific discoveries over the coming years. These people are my heroes as they epitomise those great qualities of human kind that we will need in abundance in the future to solve some of our issues here at home. The ability to show how human ingenuity can overcome even the most complex problems when we really put our minds to it. Such a philosophy gives me great hope, however in our way is this huge hurdle that mankind is yet to clear. That here at home we are slowed down and even stopped by the counter productive presence that is religion and superstition. Im sure most of you would agree that without it we could make huge progress in so many areas. So here's to hoping that the 2013 will see more people embrace rationality and critical thinking.

"Nothing Great is Easy" - Des Renford (English Channel Swimmer)
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11-04-2013, 06:39 PM
RE: Landing of The Mars Curiosity Rover
I'm 100% with you. I rejoice at seeing more and more questions answered, and more and more questions arise from it. I believe there will be a time when humans will look back at religions and say "what was all that about?", but I don't see it happening in my lifetime.
More to your point, I do hope this and every coming year will bring more people to embrace rationality and critical thinking and with that shed old superstitions and myths. Wonderful words by the way.
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