Large Hadron Collider finds new particle
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22-12-2011, 10:41 AM
Large Hadron Collider finds new particle
Quote:A team of international scientists including British researchers said they had discovered a new boson, a particle which helps form the nucleus of atoms.
The find was made using data from the ATLAS experiment, which last month announced it could have caught the first glimpse of the sought-after Higgs Boson.
Unlike the Higgs the new boson, known as Chi (the Greek X symbol) b (3p), consists of two parts – an elementary particle known as a "beauty" quark and its opposite antiquark, which are bound together by a "strong force".
Andy Chisholm, a PhD student from the University of Birmingham who worked on the analysis said: "From this boson we can learn about the nature of the strong nuclear force – the same force that binds together the nucleus inside atoms."
The particle had been widely predicted but had never actually been observed by physicists.

New particles are usually discovered every few years, but this is the first to be identified by the LHC, a multi-billion pound particle accelerator at the Cern laboratory in Switzerland.
The discovery could help inform the search for the Higgs boson – the ultimate goal of the LHC – by improving physicists' basic understanding of the "strong force" and helping them interpret the data they find.
Professor Roger Jones, Head of the Lancaster University ATLAS group, added: "While people are rightly interested in the Higgs boson, which we believe gives particles their mass and may have started to reveal itself, a lot of the mass of everyday objects comes from the strong interaction we are investigating using the Chi_b."

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