Learning to understand another culture is adaptation...
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02-03-2017, 06:38 PM
Learning to understand another culture is adaptation...
What with our own influx of refugees being primarily atheist, we generally don't have many "culture clashes" to deal with here in the forums.

That said, we often do a little explaining here and there, due to language, gender issues ... maybe even due to downright misinterpretation and generalization. Wink

Just today Girly began a thread which basically instructs the less experienced forum member in Troll Spotting.

I think such discussions are valuable tools that strengthen the community through the sharing of ideas.

I found a quiet little article about a class in Norway which began as an instructive course for
immigrants & asylum seekers in how to interact with western women.

It began in 2000 after a series of sexual assaults & rapes occured in a community with a large population of migrants. But, it is no longer just about rape prevention.

Now, it includes discussions around communicating with the opposite sex, boundaries, domestic violence, and what to do if you witness a sexual assault. Public awareness videos about rape are also shown.

It lasts four hours, and is not compulsory - although many refugees take it as part of a series of courses offered to new arrivals, including language courses and help with finding work.

It's pretty much: How to be a cool Norwegian guy 101

And I think this is great! Thumbsup
Check out the little video in the article. These guys get to actually talk & share ideas that their own culture just does not do.

I think if more countries provided such classes, it would help refugees & immigrants assimilate much better into the cultures they have been driven into. I also think the current citizenry could be given the opportunity to participate along with the new arrivals, at a certain point.

Mohammad states it perfectly ...
OK, there are differences between cultures. I hope and I wish that people speak with me about my culture. Not only give bad opinions. We are all human beings.

So, what do you think ... should send this article to the US president? Wink

A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move to higher levels. ~ Albert Einstein
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