Legalisation of Marijuana
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09-12-2010, 06:44 PM
RE: Legalisation of Marijuana
The fact is that marijuana is not dangerous other than the obvious lung damage. But marijuana will not cause lung cancer. The carcinogens in marijuana do not cause cancerous cells to grow, unlike those in cigarrettes. It can still cause other lung and resperitory illnesses however. Marijuana does not cause brain damage and does not unmotivate, nor will it make you go do coke. Pesticides due to uncontrolled growing causes brain damage, unmotivated people tend to use the drug but me and many others are able to maintain a job, a relationship, and pay the bills, while smoking pot on a regular basis. tobacco and alcahol can just be called gateway drugs, only one percent of marijuana smokers will go on to use coke, and less than one percent will use heroin. I have restless leg syndrome and pot helps me sleep much quicker as well as relax without the constant running feeling in my legs. marijuana is less harmful than alcahol and tobacco, and less addictive. Marijuana was made illegal to protect the cotten, logging, and other big buisinesses in direct competition with hemp and its many uses as the worlds strongest natural fiber. The recreational use was mostly buy black jazz artists and mexican immigrants in the 20's and 30's and thus the government created propaganda lies in order to gain support for the prohibition of marijuana. It was nothing more than big buisiness and racism that made this harmless drug illegal and just another example of the lies people in power will us in order to maintain power.
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