Legality of smoking weed in US.
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05-05-2013, 11:34 AM
RE: Legality of smoking weed in US.
The "happiness" was a huge factor in the recovery too. Happy to make the first few steps, happy to be in the garden just soaking up nature, happy to taste food again, and so many more little things and accomplishments that were met with happiness.

And by the way, he was not a marihuana consumer and quit when he had regained his health.

So much for addiction.

It should be freely available, and in all possible forms. Since he was recovering from pneumonia (many weeks of lying flat in bed in the hospital) he could not smoke. Because of the nausea he could not eat it, nor could he use it sublingually. The gag reflex kicked in when he lifted his tongue. So I took the sublingual and thinned it a little with water, just enough to where he could take a sip and have it coat his mouth but not enough to swallow.

Once he was able to drink but not swallow solids, I made a mix of fine marihuana powder, butter and cocoa powder, put it flat on wax paper and froze it. He could swallow this because it melted in his mouth. There are likely better ways to do these things, but that's what I came up with.

It worked like a charm. If it were properly legalized everywhere, these things would be readily available. Just lucky to live in a medical marihuana state here.

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