Legislation to resist radical islam and stealth jihad
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20-02-2013, 09:24 AM (This post was last modified: 20-02-2013 09:28 AM by Averroes.)
Legislation to resist radical islam and stealth jihad
Dear fellows,

I come from a country in eastern Europe with a long tradition of secularism and atheism. I've been watching with great concern the trend of islamization in western Europe in the last decade. It seems to me that as Islam has been given so much space in the western media, some of its demands that would have caused ridicule and harsh condemnation just one or two decades ago ("right to respect", blasphemy laws, sharia courts) are now considered almost legitimate and respectable and are seriously discussed or even accomodated. As you hear them over and over, they sound more and more normal, and people are gradually willing to compromise their once undisputed values.
The question is, what shall I do to prevent it in MY country? The muslim minority here is so far very small but growing, and there have already been some cases of imams preaching the most extreme salafism.
My thinking is, we should learn from what has been happening in Belgium, Denmark, the UK, France, the Netherlands..., and not repeat the same mistakes. We should agree what are the nonnegotiable liberties and where the red lines are, before such debate can be influenced by death threats and all the other cute things.

My questions are:

1)Do you have any concrete thoughts on what should have been handled better in this issue in western countries and how?

2)How could we for example prevent the establishment of a network of madrasas like the one that we see today in the UK, which serve as centers of indoctrination, promote segregation and spawn new radicals?

3)Do you feel that the executive and judiciary power in the west is toothless in some aspect because a certain piece of legislation is weak or missing? If so, what legislation would fix it?

4)For instance: is hate speech and incitement defined broadly or vaguely enough to allow for these charges to be succesfully used to silence criticism of islam in your countries? If so, what should the definitions be instead? Generally, should the line between hate speech and free speech be refined, with blasphemy explicitly included in the latter?

5)Do you think that radical islam (the one pursuing establishment of sharia and khalifate) should be openly declared a totalitarian ideology and treated as such?
In Germany there is even a law that seems to be applicable:
"...Whoever domestically disseminates or produces, stocks, imports or exports or makes publicly accessible through data storage media for dissemination domestically or abroad, means of propaganda of a party which has been declared to be unconstitutional by the Federal Constitutional Court or a party or organization, as to which it has been determined, no longer subject to appeal, that it is a substitute organization of such a party (...) shall be punished with imprisonment for not more than three years or a fine." What can possibly be more unconstitutional an organization than any which tries to implement sharia at the expense of freedom and democracy? But actually, imprisonment is probably no good. Reeducation would be a key.

Thanks for all your thoughts.
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