Libertarian government. An oxymoron?
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11-01-2012, 12:02 AM
Libertarian government. An oxymoron?
So I've always been a libertarian, even when I didn't know the official label for my beliefs. I believe that libertarianism is what's best for the individual. Your life is your own, and so you should have ultimate control over every aspect of it. Absolute personal freedom. And I was thinking about past libertarians running for president, which led me to consider the term "libertarian government." When you think about it, that phrase makes about as much sense as a police officer who doesn't really care about upholding the law.

A government (that is, an elected body designed to determine your rights and protect you from yourself) promoting libertarianism is basically a government that agrees to do nothing. Libertarianism is about what's best for the individual. And the rights of the individual are impossible to consider in a political system that deals in collectivism. What's right for the collective will never be optimal for the individuals. And that's what a democracy is; it's the majority telling the minority what to do.

So a libertarian government would have to be the most limited government possible without entering into complete limitation and thus omitting the "government" part. But what does that say about the nature of government, if attaching Liberty to it almost negates it? To be governed is to forfeit liberties.

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11-01-2012, 08:14 AM
RE: Libertarian government. An oxymoron?
You make a very good point.

I would have to say that we need some sort of government that plays a part in our lives as we are today. I fear a completely liberal way of life would lead to many issues given the state of our country/world today. We as a whole aren't ready for a completely liberal way of life. It would take baby steps to achieve what we as liberal people really want. There would be a vast amount of changes that would have to take place during a long process. Some changes would be obviously sooner than others.

Just my short take on this.

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11-01-2012, 08:39 AM
RE: Libertarian government. An oxymoron?
Hardcore libertarianism basically asks for 2 types of laws. Those for the protection of private property and those in the interest of public safety. Since murder, rape, robbery, and even speeding and failure to yeild are examples of threats to public safety we need a police department. Arson is a threat so we still need fire departments. Food borne illness/disease is a thread to public safety so we still need a department like the EPA to regulate the food products we buy. Laws allowing you to protect yourself and property from a robber will require a court system to handle legal disputes. Things we wouldnt' need are the departments of commerce and education and the Federal Reserve but short of such large government, things wouldn't much different than they are now. Small government and more personal freedom.

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