Life report about three last weeks (approximately)
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03-06-2013, 11:34 AM
Life report about three last weeks (approximately)
The name was changed except my name.

Who I'm , my name is Anthony , I'm 19 years old , I'm French.
I'm an Agnostic Christian since some time , because I always doubt about the existence of God (I never been baptised because I always doubted) but now this is the real doubt.
From Christianity to Agnosticism. I'm a man who always seek the truth about this subject.
I spoke with people in IRL but I think that they don't care of what I say because they're irreligious , they claim to be Atheist but they're just Agnostic or only irreligious (they are not real Atheists like members of this kind of forum).
I prefer to write here because I think that if I write in a Christian forum they will only say to me something like :
1.If you don't believe you will go to hell.
2.Accept Jesus in your heart.
3.Jesus is dead for yours sins.

may/23/2013 I had an interessant conversation (reconstitution in original language and translation in English) :
Me : Tu crois en la vie après la mort ? [Do you believe in the afterlife ?]
Matt : Je ne sais pas , j'ai toujours voulu savoir. Des fois j'aimerais mourir et revenir mais c'est impossible. [I don't know , I always wish to know. Sometimes I would like to die and back but this is impossible].
We spoke about the contradictions in the bible and said to me.
Matt : c'est normal. [That is normal].
Me : Pourquoi c'est normal ? [Why this is normal ? ]
Matt : C'est la Bible. Quand un homme s'est posé la question suivante : Pourquoi je suis là ?
Dieu fut inventé. J'ai toujours crus que le monde fut crée par un enchaînement d’événement.
[This is the Bible. When a human being asked to himself the next question : Why I'm here ? God was created. I always believe that the world was create by an enchainment of events].
I like these arguments that is maybe true but I hesitate between believe in God and Atheism (I believe anymore in the Genesis since my 8 years old because I think that the sense of this text is not litteral but allegoric).

I will tell to you others stories from these three weeks.
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03-06-2013, 11:37 AM
RE: Life report about three last weeks (approximately)
Another anecdote about my life this is with a Christian.
His name was changed.

May/24/2013 after this conversation I can say that I think that he like the ignorance (reconstitution in original language and translation in English) :
Me : Tu sais que je doute encore au sujet de l'existence de dieu ? [You know that I doubt again about the existence of God ?]
Charles-Henri : Tu en est encore là ? [You are again in this case ?]
Me : Oui parce'que la Bible a beaucoup de contradictions. [Yes because the Bible has many contradictions].
We spoke about the weird thing about the crucification , why Jesus was not amputed by the nails.
Charles-Henri : Tu est très compliqué. [You're very complicated].
Micro-pause of Charles-Henri.
Charles-Henri : Tu n'est pas obligé de croire. Moi je crois. [You're not contraint to believe , me I believe (I like this repetition "me" and "I")].
When I asked to him if he read the Bible he said to me that he only read some parts.
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