Live Debate Now!
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07-02-2017, 07:25 AM
Live Debate Now!
OK, it's not really a debate, it's me having some fun in the youtube comments section of this talk:
(feel free to join in if you're so inclined)

sh3rv Pat Doyle: you do known that there a number of atheist denominations right, atheists cannot agree on how not to believe in God, too funny!

DLJ Ha! "Denominations of Atheists" that tickled me. I guess that could be 'Those who prefer Atheist Forums' vs. 'Those who prefer TheThinkingAtheist' discussion forums. I prefer TTA because there's more burnt offerings.

sh3rv DLJ , it seems atheists don't keep up with events in their own religion. The denominations are defined by atheist groups and include factions such as:
Classic atheists
New atheists
New new atheists
Model atheists
And the A+ group say that if your not and A+ atheist than you are an A hole atheist!

These are just a few in a contentious group arguing how not to believe in something! This should tickle you as I find it hilarious!

sh3rv Pat Doyle what you do is derived from your world view! Your actions aren't carried out in a vacuum detached from your thought process, which in turn is defined by your beliefs.

You need to think more deeply about these issues before commenting.

sh3rv Pat Doyle please see my reply to DLJ regarding atheist denominations, also note that's all of them are defined by atheists themselves!
Also atheism is an asserting view not a lack of.

DLJ +sh3rv I'm tempted to give a detailed reply but I'm aware that you're just dangling bait. If you really don't get it, I'll be happy to explain to you where you're going wrong. Smile

sh3rv DLJ I realise this is a hard pill for you to swallow, trying to distance your beliefs from other religions and all but if you have a problem with atheist denominations I suggest you take it up with your fellow believers and come to a common agreement on how not to believe in something. Good luck with that.

DLJ Good idea. I'm a senior member of the Council of Atheism so I will take it up with the other elders and amend our doctrines and dogmas forthwith. I'll let them know that theists consider "You're a Religion" to be an insult. I'm sure they'll all have a chuckle too. Nice try.

sh3rv DLJ great news and congratulations on your post, please remember to consult pope Dawkins (pbuh), I hear he likes to be kept informed.

Also, rather than sarcastic replies you could try to argue your point, but that may be too hard as it's just wrong.

Err (what is the atheist equivalent of Amen?... )
nanoo nanoo?

DLJ Thank you. It was a hard position to win, many years of studying sacred Darwinian texts, anthropology, genetics and of course Theology ( the study of the history of ignorance). The best thing about being on the Council of Atheism is that you get to wear a silly hat,

sh3rv DLJ so you didn't qualify in Atheist dogmas? The Philosophy of positivity asserting a universal negative and assuming its self evident? Hmm seems they let anyone join the council these days.

Oh, while we are on the subject, can you, in you great wisdom, provide evidence that shows Atheism is true. Looking forward to your reply on this one oh great and powerful wizard of ... nihilism.

Love the image of silly hats! Smile

DLJ Not anyone can join the council but there is an exponentially increasing number of candidates. It's very easy to convert the young ones to belief in Atheistic Deities once you've sold the ideas of Hedonism and Nihilism. Kids like fun. I can show you evidence of the Truth ™ of Atheism but you will have to be initiated into the secret society first. Let me know if you're interested and I'll warm up a virgin for sacrifice.

Big Grin

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07-02-2017, 07:32 AM
RE: Live Debate Now!
Your opponent is a prat Dodgy

We'll love you just the way you are
If you're perfect -- Alanis Morissette
(06-02-2014 03:47 PM)Momsurroundedbyboys Wrote:  And I'm giving myself a conclusion again from all the facepalming.
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