Local Blow in the War on Christmas.
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09-01-2011, 11:11 PM
RE: Local Blow in the War on Christmas.
I suppose you took more of a "Richard Dawkins" approach compared to a "Sam Harris" reasoning.

In most of the countries that we (people on this forum) live in (North America, Europe mostly) everyone is free to express their beliefs. CHRISTmas is generally considered a religious holiday (yet we can all celebrate it however we like) I think we Atheists can be a little more understanding if people want to wave their cross around and display baby Jesus on their front lawn.

"War on Christmas" is a terrible concept. As much as I don't want to hear about the myths of the Christian religion, I don't want to eradicate the holiday and have it just another working day of our 365 day calender. It's really the last day left that everything is closed and people have a day off (except for healthcare workers and a few other exceptions).

This is just another example of type A and type B non-believers: Ones that would like to have a AA membership and wear a t-shirt with big "ATHEIST" on the front going around trying to debunk anyone and everyone that believes in God, putting up signs and trying to replace "Merry Christmas" with "Happy Holidays"; and then there are those who are secular people who are technically Atheists (that is, they don't believe in God due to lack of scientific evidence) but don't necessarily like the word when it's used in a dogmatic context.

OP: I don't know the situation so I'm not judging you- if these people are always Bible thumping and this was the last straw, then perhaps it was a way for you to get back at them. But keep in mind you possibly did offend some people who has nothing to do with the intentions of the minister. And as a minister, he was sorta doing his job too! lol
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