Location, location, location...
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09-06-2015, 11:33 AM
RE: Location, location, location...
I like where I live. There are four seasons and the weather is usually not extreme.

[Image: dblRainbow_s.jpg]
[Image: FogAtSunset.jpg]
[Image: backyard2.jpg]
[Image: SnowBlower.jpg]

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Science is not a subject, but a method.
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10-06-2015, 12:04 PM
RE: Location, location, location...
I live in paradise. I'm on the southwest side of Colorado Springs in the foothills below Pikes Peak. My house is at 6,600' and we have mule deer, mountain lions, bear, fox, coyotes, golden eagles, elk and big horn sheep in the neighborhood. I am across the street from national forest and I'm about 15 minutes from the ranch where I keep my horses. We are retired so we don't go to work although my wife does volunteer work at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo which is ten minutes away. I am a half hour from my gun club, a half hour from great whitewater -- class IV and V --, and 1 1/2 to 2 hours from some of the world's best skiing. [A-Basin has so much snow that they may be open for skiing year around this year.] I am half an hour from good fly fishing in the Arkansas River and about 45 minutes from the South Platte. I don't do technical mountain climbing anymore but my grandson does. He has to walk across the street to do it when he is here with us.
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10-06-2015, 08:26 PM
RE: Location, location, location...
I just signed papers for a house purchase less than 10 minutes ago. Its on the other side of the neighborhood I am living in now.

I am in the suburbs of Charlotte, technically in SC, but just a few miles over the border. I like it here, people are friendly, most are transplants from up north, though plenty of locals as well. I am 3 hour drive to the beaches of SC, 3 hour drive to Smokey Mountains, 8 hour drive to Orlando, FL, 8 hour drive to my siblings in Pittsburgh.

Summer can be a bit hot for me, over 85 and I hide inside the house in the air conditioning. So in the summer I am out in the mornings and evenings more. Fall, winter, spring I can be outside all day. Its green here, sunny most days, with an afternoon shower in the summer.

We might get lucky and see a couple inches of snow a year, usually not more than a dusting.

Most of the 'church' people I know are tame Christians, they go on Sunday, and thats about it. Others are for the most part easy to spot and easily avoidable. Although local politics is full of loonies.

"Life is a daring adventure or it is nothing"--Helen Keller
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11-06-2015, 04:42 PM
RE: Location, location, location...
California, MD is nothing like California the state... let's just clear that right up.

I'm a California girl at heart, born and raised in a virtual paradise, the Central Coast (Nipomo, CA to be more precise), perfect weather year round, smallish town surrounded by other smallish towns, plenty of amenities and stuff to do, none of the big-city hassle. Not a whole lot of engineering jobs there though so I settled for a job 200 miles inland in the desert. Hate it here, too hot/windy/isolated/conservative for my taste (although it's nice if you like hiking/biking?), but I deal so that I keep my short 3 hour drive to my real home. If I could live back near the coast I would, I'll never be happier anywhere else, although Seattle does look very appealing. I wouldn't mind living there for a few years, but I'll always want to end up/retire back on the central coast, preferably on 10-20 acres of my own vineyard in the Paso Robles area, paradise, I tell you, PARA-FUCKING-DISE. Not to mention near the best brewery in the nation, at least by my standards: Firestone-Walker Brewery.

Sure the taxes/cost of living can be somewhat high, and it can be a little too liberal, but otherwise it's awesome (too liberal is WAY better than too conservative IMO). Everywhere else in the states I've been so far have had either stupid toll roads, stupid liquor laws, terrible food in general, terrible or no Mexican food, terrible beer or limited selection, stupid people, religious people, racist people, rednecks, assholes, bad drivers, low speed limits, or uptight motherfuckers with sticks up their asses. I'll keep the burritos, delicious wine/beer, wide open spaces, fresh local food, perfect weather and clean ocean air thanks. Oh, and JesusFuckingChrist football season sucks ass on the east coast, games are on so stinking late and not nearly enough teams over there have domes, the devotion it takes to be a fan over there is unreasonably high. I love getting off work at 5pm on Monday and looking forward to MNF at home. Staying up until midnight on the east coast seems like a major pain in the ass, what a way to start the work week off with not enough sleep.

If I was willing to leave the country I always thought Canada would be pretty awesome, either Vancouver the city or the island. So beautiful, and I love Canadians. The Pacific Northwest is just splendid overall. I love the rain and the clouds too, if the drought in CA continues much longer I'll definitely be going that way.

The east coast is fine to visit, but honestly the best word I can describe for how I feel over there is "suffocated". The air, the people, the laws... meh. No thanks.

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." Albert Einstein
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11-06-2015, 05:03 PM
RE: Location, location, location...
Dubai: I'm here for the money like everyone else. Work's relatively easy to get and the weather's all right in winter. Pretty much everything else is urging me to move back to the real world.

"While religions tell us next to nothing useful or true about the universe, they do tell us an enormous amount - perhaps an embarrassing amount - about ourselves, about what we value, fear and lust after." Iain M Banks
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12-06-2015, 02:16 AM (This post was last modified: 12-06-2015 02:21 AM by Philanthropic Misanthrope.)
RE: Location, location, location...
Are you happy where you live? Nope. Texas.

If not, why not? Because fuck Texas.

Is there a place that is more suitable for you? Colorado, Canada, West/North European countries. I hear Colorado is pretty "purple" politically. Socially liberal for the most part, still supports guns at an acceptable level (I still hate the thought of civilians having zero access to guns) Anyone from Colorado want to tell me whether or not this is an accurate observation of the political climate? I realize that last election there was a ridiculous "personhood" bill but it was voted against, for the third time. I mean that still says something right?

Are you planning to move there? Probably Colorado or Canada when I can afford it and stand to part with my friends and family Confused
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