Logical and verifyable evidence for Noah's flood!!!
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15-07-2012, 09:17 AM
RE: Logical and verifyable evidence for Noah's flood!!!
re Noah's Ark -- sea level + atmosphere + salt

I am watching the Discovering Religion Series. It is Superb! I agree 99.9 percent.
However, I spotted 1 fallacy in episode 4, 41:00 through the youtube video. I have heard this argument before:
If sea level rose to the top of Chomolungma aka Mt Everest, the thin air's temperature would have frozen everyone on the ark.
BUT a rising sea would have raised the atmosphere above it, so the ark would still have been at the bottom of the atmosphere -- at sea level pressure -- minus the tiny percentage of air that got dissolved in the extra water (which came and went from who knows where). Thus it would be better to ask about the source and removal of the extra water, which would have about tripled the volume of the oceans, and about what happens when the ocean's salt gets that diluted that much and what would happen to fresh water life.

It is important to not give creationists any details which they can easily refute. If it is not possible/practical to delete this detail from the video, I hope no one re-uses it in future. I am afraid this comment will not get to the video creators, so please pass it on, if you know how, in case i fail to.
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