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21-07-2013, 04:36 PM
Rainbow Long time listener, first time poster
Hello, everyone!

For most of my rational-thinking life (so from the time I figured out Santa wasn't real), I have considered myself to be agnostic when it came to a belief in a god. I absolutely did not believe in the Christian bible or the Christian idea of god (it always seemed absurd), but I didn't dismiss the idea of a god or higher power. I went through a period in life where I researched other religions, and I think this was because I wanted something to believe in.

After a while, I gave up on that search and declared myself to be "not religious," but still open to the idea of there being a "higher power."

Fast forward to the present. I am now in my 30s and married to a woman who has a son from a previous marriage. Neither of us are religious, and we both considered ourselves to be agnostic. Her son was just entering his teen years when we go together, and he sort of held the same beliefs that we did: not religious, definitely not Christian, but he definitely believed in god. His reason then were because he didn't believe in evolution as it was taught to him by a teacher who did not believe in evolution. (a teacher!!!!!)

Sometime earlier this year, he got involved with a girl who was an evangelical Christian. She agreed to date him, but wanted him to go with her to her youth group. The youth group in question is Young Life, a cultish group of evangelicals that preys on high school kids, promising fun times and lots of love, but indoctrinates them into a lifestyle of condemning their family and friends who do not subscribe to the evangelical lifestyle.

We weren't concerned because he assured us that he was only going for social time and did not buy into what they were preaching.

Here we are now... he went to the Young Life summer camp and came back a "born again Christian." He constantly talks about his "relationship with god" and how great Jesus is, and that he thinks we will go to heaven despite being in a same-sex relationship and not believing in his god (no matter how many times we tell him that we don't believe in heaven or hell). He now viciously denies evolution, despite continuously mounting evidence, and dismisses the big bang theory because it "doesn't make sense." I've asked him why he believes in the bible, and he says "because it makes sense." Really? God made man from dust, then made woman from man's rib, then impregnated a 14 year old girl so she could give birth to him, so he could sacrifice himself to appease himself, and THAT makes more sense than evolution, which is STILL observable?

I can't talk to him about it any more without the risk of pushing him away, which is exactly what these Young Life freaks want. They seem to get their rocks off by taking kids away from their families (there are even support groups for parents who have "lost" their kids to this group).

Oh, and I guess I should add the bit about this girl breaking up with him as soon as he was indoctrinated. Missionary dating, anyone?

Sorry about all of that rambling. My point is that I long identified as an agnostic, but seeing our son getting sucked into this nonsense has made me realize that I really am an atheist. The blind belief in a god without evidence or reason beyond "I don't know, therefore god" is ludicrous.

Anyway... Hi! Smile
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