Lono has returned
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01-04-2016, 10:12 AM
Lono has returned
April fools!

Quote: In Hawaiian mythology, the deity Lono is
associated with fertility, agriculture, rainfall,
music and peace. In one of the many
Hawaiian legends of Lono, he is a fertility and
music god who descended to Earth on a
rainbow to marry Laka. In agricultural and
planting traditions, Lono was identified with
rain and food plants. He was one of the four
gods (with Kū, Kāne, and Kāne's twin brother
who existed before the world was
created. Lono was also the god of peace. In
his honor, the great annual festival of the
Makahiki was held. During this period (from
October through February), war and
unnecessary work was kapu (forbidden). In
Hawaiian weather terminology, the winter
Kona storms that bring rain to leeward areas
are associated with Lono. Lono brings on the
rains and dispenses fertility, and as such was
sometimes referred to as Lono-makua (Lono
the Provider). Ceremonies went through a
monthly and yearly cycle. For 8 months of the
year, the luakini was dedicated to Ku-with
strict kapus. Four periods (kapu pule) each
month required strict ceremonies. Violators
could have their property seized by priests or
overlord chiefs, or be sentenced to death for
serious breaches.


Don't let those gnomes and their illusions get you down. They're just gnomes and illusions.

--Jake the Dog, Adventure Time

Alouette, je te plumerai.
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