Poll: Why we feel love? Evolution? or God?
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28-09-2011, 12:04 PM
RE: Love.
I'm coming in a little late on this, but here's my vignette.

We had a dog, A Flat Coat Retriever. We also had a rabbit. We let the rabbit run in the field and our dog would watch over it and make sure he never strayed too far. He would herd it back to the hutch when we called them in. The kids loved both these animals and when the bunny died, they were crushed. They put him in a little box with pictures they drew and trinkets they cherished and we buried it and had a funeral. The kids cried for the funeral and said good bye and after a day, the bunny was a good memory for them, they missed him and it was over.

Our dog on the other hand, refused to come into the house. He moaned and whimpered over the bunnies grave and lay next to it for days. He refused to eat for 2 days. After finally coming into the house at night, the next morning he would go back to the grave and just lay there. This went on for 8 days and finally he stopped returning.

What do you call this?

Who can turn skies back and begin again?
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28-09-2011, 12:14 PM
RE: Love.
I call it a testament to the similarity of all animals (and thus, to evolution, and thus a slap in the face of godniks) To the children, the rabbit was only a pet; to the dog, he was a friend. That's exactly how any of us would react to loss in degrees of closeness.

(Plus, of course, the dog, as an adult, has a different way of processing experience than the developing minds of children, but that's a separate issue.)

If you pray to anything, you're prey to anything.
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01-10-2011, 11:13 AM
RE: Love.
(23-09-2011 09:42 AM)Peterkin Wrote:  
(23-09-2011 07:34 AM)zoyelque Wrote:  
Quote:Maybe it's just leftover stray luggage? things that nature tried out in its on-going DNA experimentation that didn't add anything new to survival, but didn't subtract anything, either: not worth refining or deleting

But how it is nature tried things without any consciousnes? Are those unconscious desicion making? that higher concsience is not what humans call god?

I see the problem and that i'm guilty of confusing the issue. I was using a standard metaphor of natural selection for the the process of evolution. It isn't really selection, as in some conscious entity choosing among available options; it's more like an immense billiard table with balls colliding and re-colliding; many fall into the pockets and are lost, some stay on the surface. It's just deaf/blind/dumb physics and chemistry, but it happens on a scale so vast, over a time-period so long that it's very difficult for us to comprehend. We often resort to word-pictures in order to imagine it. Besides, humans have a strong tendency to anthropomorphize everything; to project our own personality onto the world around us. As a story-teller, i do it more than most. Sorry!
Because we have consciousness, we imagine a higher consciousness. Some call it god and posit that "higher" means the same as "boss"; appoint themselves spokesmen and tell us what the boss wants.
It's not higher - it's just bigger. We are inside it, because we are part of the process.
It's not aware, has no purpose or volition or preference. Our ego wants to put us at the pinnacle of evolution (or creation), but that's entirely inaccurate: we are merely one of millions of products of the process - so far.
Evolution is never finished; doesn't end with us. Even if we end it for this planet, all the other life-supporting planets will go right on producing billions and billions of.... whatever.

So we can all agree here that there is some bigger force moving things around (called nature) without any reason at all except for Survival.
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