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13-01-2013, 04:08 AM
RE: Lovely....
What absolutely disgusting activity.

The best thing about that article are some of the facebook comments below.

Quote: The sad but amusing thing is people are surprised. Wake up, your churches are mostly corrupt, hypocritical and are about power and money. Then the religious can't understand why more and more every year people are turning their backs to them.
Quote:This must be some sort of mistake. There's no way a church would do something unethical for the sake of money.
Quote:This is not the first time I have heard of this so called church's wrong doings. The Pastor had NO right to plan a service involving donations. If you think so highly of a someone have the service without asking for donations. I feel that money should be returned to each and everyone that gave. Let's see if Pastor Jim Doster does the right thing.
Quote: Why couldn't the church ask the family if they minded the church having a memorial service and if it's not about the money then, why ask for donations? I think there was a total lack of respect shown a grieving family. The church over stepped it's bounds.
Those were refreshing to me.

A single action is worth more than the words it takes to describe it.
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