Lover is "spiritual" PLEASE HELP
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07-10-2016, 03:54 PM
RE: Lover is "spiritual" PLEASE HELP
Sounds like what I used to have in my life Wink
Crystals, ghosts, and all that.
Depends if he is just a lover and nothing else realy (then dump him wtf lol) or if you actually love this person and care for them.
If he is at least a little bit curious about things and has a little bit of reasonable thinking, you can make him think about things here and there.
Like if he already acknowledged that he doesn't know that crystals work but he thinks they could. Just ask why and how and where the proof is.
same for every claim he makes, why, how, where is the proof.
"I saw it on youtube" does not count as proof btw, and "1000 people saw it" is not proof either. We are talking scientific proof.
And about the open mind. It is a tactic. You need an open mind = leap of faith in these circles. So no, your mind is just fine, because you are letting different informations in. Theirs is not open because it is only "open" as long as things are confirmed. That is also why often, when you ask for a demonstration of something and it doesn't work, the reason is that you are "sending negative energies" or "your mind is not open for the experience" etc etc

So to answer your question from the beginning, no therapy won't help. It is like all the other religions. It is a delusion and wishful thinking, nothing else.

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07-10-2016, 04:09 PM
RE: Lover is "spiritual" PLEASE HELP
I agree with a lot of what everyone has already said. You can't change someone who doesn't want to change. If they are happy living in their delusion, they will only seek out ways to confirm that way of thinking. Everyone I know who has left religious/spiritual thinking did it out of their own free will (for lack of better wordage lol) and there was some sort of impetus involved that propelled them to ditch their beliefs. Telling delusional thinkers that what they believe is nuts just isn't going to work. And as others have mentioned, attempting to change that whole way of thinking is a lot of work and quite possibly a futile endeavor. I think it will be even more difficult to deal with if you end up marrying this person and raising children with him. If you can't deal with this person in his current state, I think you have your answer about whether or not you should stay in this rship.
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