Lucradis's insomnia. progress?
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12-01-2012, 09:43 PM
RE: Lucradis's insomnia. progress?
(03-01-2012 06:51 PM)lucradis Wrote:  I don't have a doctor but I'm sure that within the next little while I will acquire one. But still I have an addictive personality so I like to keep away from anything that could entice me. Being aware of my weaknesses is integral otherwise I'd be a junkie by now. My kid wouldn't like that, but she's bossy.

I find these few things help me: Make sure your room is dark as can be when it's time for bed, light breaks down melatonin. At least two hours before bed (this one's hard) stop using electronic devices like your computer, phone, TV. Don't eat anything or drink anything but water a couple of hours before you go to sleep. And make getting ready to sleep a ritual, something that will tell your body it's time to sleep. And remember this, it's okay and perfectly normal to wake up in the middle of the night. If this happens don't worry, studies suggest this was the norm before artificial lighting and that if you relax, keep the lights off and let yourself go back to sleep you will feel great the next morning. I feel your pain!

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14-01-2012, 01:14 PM
RE: Lucradis's insomnia. progress?
Sorry to hear about your sleeping issues.
Try some of these tips and see if you can fall asleep and stay sleep:
- Soak in a hot tub or shower
- Exercise every day
- Turn off the television and pick up a book to wind down and relax
- Don’t consume any liquids at least two to three hours before bed
Alternatively you can download a free ebook with tips on how to beat insomnia from They also have an online radio with ambient music 24-7. Hope that helps...
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14-01-2012, 01:38 PM
RE: Lucradis's insomnia. progress?
When I have a worry during sleeptime I tell myself that there is really nothing I can do about this worry right now and that I'll think about it in the morning. This usually allows me to put it out of my mind for the night.

Also, is there a podcast that you listen to on a regular basis? If you're accustomed to the person's voice, you might find that listening to the show at low volume will allow your mind to focus on the voice and not think about anything else, which for me allows me to drop off into sleep quite quickly.
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14-01-2012, 02:24 PM
RE: Lucradis's insomnia. progress?
The racing mind can keep one awake. Calming, or pulling that mind to nothing, will focus it, and let it sleep.

I have advised friends with the insomnia problem, with a single natural herbal supplement called Passion Flower. It has helped myself and other people I know to simply stop the mind from racing. My personal rule of thumb: natural is healthy, so only use any substance as a supplement once in a while, and only if/when necessary.

The Solaray brand seems to be fairly consistent with it's parts per capsule. (Don't bother with the directions to take three @four times a day - they just want you to buy it more often.) You can take it and operate machinery because it does not make you tired, it just stops your mind from racing. It doesn't really do anything else. There is nothing to be addicted to. The bottle will probably last you a long time.

A good thing to start getting into, which might help is meditation... it can help to bring your mind to a nothing state, so you can more easily focus. It can help you place your worries into a separate place. Don't worry; your worries will be around when you need them. Wink

Heart Just a couple of natural suggestions for you.
Hope things get better - sleep is such tremendous part of good health.

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03-02-2012, 11:04 AM
RE: Lucradis's insomnia. progress?
have u consulted a psychiatrist? (a good one, not one of those that make u fill a questionnaire and then give u a prescription).
can help u with
2-relaxation techniques
3-a prescription
there are good medicines for sleep disorders, like zopiclone, wich is not addictive. but consult a shrink, some of us are good people Wink
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