Lum's rant on why my republic is a banana republic
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23-01-2012, 09:46 AM
Lum's rant on why my republic is a banana republic
I think this post is necessary, to understand where I'm coming from and why I see the world as I see it, instead of being just paranoid and cynical. I am also quite inspired by my recent (for the first time thorough) visit of Prague's most beautiful and most terrible places.

Czech Republic, the highly cultured* CENTRAL European state (no east Europe, FFS!) with deep historical slavonic roots lies in a mountain-surrounded ridge wedged between Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia. Last time when there was any national pride, wealth, freedom and global fame was in the brief time between world wars 1 and 2.

(* that may be not completely true anymore due to increase in Gypsy population and immigration)

Then Nazis came, killed or drove out most of nation's intelligent population and those who remained had IQ just enough to welcome Communists, who pretty much continued to do the same. As revolution devours its children, so many Commie leaders were executed as traitors in fake trials. I think this is because they were real Communists and they really believed in following the plan and transforming the country into socialistic utopia, which would mean there would be no money, no power, no police and no army. So people like Rudolf Slansky, who was a man #2, got hanged because the leaders didn't want them breathing on their neck. Since then being a Commie wasn't about socialism, it was about the sweet, sweet power without rivals and Marx with Engels be damned.

The revolution came in 1989 and it was relatively non-violent. The president became this gentle, harmless man called Vaclav Havel, who was so good at writing funny theatre plays, getting arrested and spending years in jail. He was a good man and a good president. Practically a mascot of the nation and the world. One that never bites.

However, there is not and never was a democracy. This was one insane regime down and another one already prepared to get in its place. The non-violent revolution emboldened the hungry predators to tear away what they can. Due to lack of market economy, people in Communism mostly stole what goods they needed from poorly (and idiotically) guarded storages. But in the first years of Capitalist gold rush, countless billions CZK and state property were stolen or outright sold abroad, compared to which Communism was nothing. "Light furnace oil scandal" or "Viktor Kozeny" are just some of words that will never be forgotten.
Today many traditional brands and business are owned by foreigners, even some vital infrastructure, like water supply. Where was a top-quality sugar brewing industry, are today only ruins, which foreign pirates bought and promptly demolished.

And how does the political scene look like? The politics in Czech Republic is seemingly a parliamentary pluralistic democracy, unless you spend a year in the country. It is mostly a show for the media and any presented solutions are a mandatory decoration. The winners of elections put together coalitions out of the most profitable departments and offices. These politicians are "players" controlled by lobbyists, who influence politics and gather money. They get money directly from extremely over-priced state contracts, they induce the demand for state contract and they influence laws that bring them profit indirectly.
We have the most expensive highways in the world and the recent (useless) project for standard state graduation exams costed us 20 times as much as the same thing in Slovakia. Hear any alarms ringing?

Most of political scandals are the result of lobbyist rivalry, in 2009 it even led to the fall of the government. Lobbyist fights lead to frequent exchanges of office and ministry heads and personnel, which makes it impossible to develop and sustain any viable civil policy, like in schools. Everyone makes idiotic state contracts to some private companies with hefty prices for them.
The police investigation usually leads nowhere. Even if it would succeed, it would not stop the thievery. Just one guy would get thrown out of the business and replaced.

Of course, media play their part and they make a circus around whoever gets caught, but usually after the crime is done and not too long afterwards. They only maintain an illusion that there is any fight against crime or political competition. All competition there is in the government is only around elections, to get the biggest mangers. Other than that, work of all the parties does not differ and there would not have to be any parties at all. And should not be. More than 90% of all local municipality leaders are not in any political party. They can't, the countless scandals all year long of this or that party leader or member would make a mess out of their reputation.

Political parties are just another black hole for state money, they receive a few bucks for every voter and a substantial bonus of 10-20% for every state contract they can arrange. No tax.
All these politicians do not have any criminal or legal responsibility and will come out of everything clear. Even if in some rare cases their personal piggishness gets them too much unwanted attention, they get out of politics right into a warm seat in general assembly of some big corporation, big city council or villa in Florida.
And I could go on.

I regret that our first president was the recently deceased Citizen Havel and not, let's say, one of the Masin brothers. The Masins were Nazi-shooting kids and in their teens they shot their way through Communist lands to freedom. According to many, they were murderers and doubtlessly they were killers. I'd love to see one of them as a president and another one as a Prime Minister. Communist turncoats would flee the offices or get hanged and neo-Capitalistic business mafia would be afraid to step into the country. And we would have a living standard somewhere between Sweden and Norway.

So, this long and sad tale is meant to explain several things to you.
- A state does not have to be a theocracy to be full of shit. A secular population can elect secular assholes.
- Political parties do not guarantee anything, except their own interests.
- Representative democracy with non-transparent offices and legal immunity is just another way of giving the assholes a remote control over your money.
- Most of business is in cartels and ALL business is based on scamming people, it's called "margin". And these people are the kingmakers and deputymakers.
- There is nothing rare or incredible about a government conspiracy and manipulation. Don't give me shit about believing in conspiracy theories, when I live in one.
- Transparently managed public offices and no legal immunity is more important than any of the people in the government and their number, gender, color, faith, leftism, rightism or middlism.
- When people ask me what is my political creed, I say I'm a Technocrat.
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