MUD: Legends of Excalibur
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27-07-2013, 09:23 AM
MUD: Legends of Excalibur
Are you one of those gamers who still enjoys playing MUDs? For those of you who don't know what MUDs are, it stands for Multi-User Dungeon and they are the precursor to multi-player online graphic games like World of Warfcraft. MUDs are entirely text based and can be played over the basic program, telnet, or with downloadable programs (ZMud and GMud, for instance). Anyway, if anyone is interested, we're trying to rebuild our player base on a MUD called Legends of Excalibur. We lost the server a while back and now that we've got a new one (had it for about six months) we need to get our players back. It's a large world, tons of classes and races, medieval based, quests, etc. Any questions, let me know. I should also note that it's a little tough to get a character authorized right now because it requires and Elder or Immortal character to okay it, but it's well worth the time it takes. Search FB for the group "LoE players" and if you post a message on there that you're looking for an auth= it helps get someone around to do it. If you're using a program to connnect, is the host name and the port is 8000. If you see Valreus, Kerias, Aerainn or Feynir on, those are all me and I'll help you with anything you need.
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