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29-01-2013, 04:02 PM
RE: Macca's
(29-01-2013 03:58 PM)Hobbitgirl Wrote:  
(29-01-2013 03:50 PM)Mr Woof Wrote:  Could be a blessing in disguise. Can't find any tasty vego stuff? Tongue
There is an awesome vegan restaurant in another city where I live called Vita's. OH i wish it were local. lol
I like Lentil as Anything here in Melbourne.
Buffet style, yum food, and you pay into the donation box after you eat.
I think most peeps pay appropriately.

As for other question, education seems the only answer, but we have conflicting issues. Huh

"Science without religion is lame.
Religion without science is blind"_ Einstein.
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