Mafia Game VII/I: Death Note
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09-03-2013, 06:13 PM (This post was last modified: 09-03-2013 06:23 PM by Atothetheist.)
Mafia Game VII/I: Death Note
[Image: anime3.jpg]
Yup! Due to Earmuffs's absence, I have decided to start making my own game.

Now this game is going to be with a Death Note theme. If you are not familiar with Death note, you can do you research here:

Summary: Criminals in this world are dying, and it is by the hands of a notebook called the Death Note. L, the amazing detective has narrowed down the suspects to a select group of individuals, and in order to figure out who the killer/s are from the innocent/s he has placed the group, including himself, in abandoned warehouse so that he can try to figure out who the killer is, but he can't reveal himself, for then Kira(see the wiki) can kill him and continue on killing the scum of the earth.
(Sorry for making such a bad summary, but you get what I mean, right?)

Rules can be found here:
Night Abilities: Can only be used on a person once in a row excluding kill and cop-investigate abilities. If a killer is roleblocked one night the killer can target the same person on the next night.

Successful Kills: The victims role will be revealed as well as how that person was killed which may give some clues as to who killed that person.

Kira(Mafia) Faction Kill: The mafia may kill 1 person per night. They choose one person to be killed and one person among themselves to do the killing. PM and decide between yourselves and the designated leader will be then PM me at night with the mafias action.

Saved by the protector: Revealed that someone was saved as well as who was saved.

Voting: Everyone has 1 vote each. No double or voteless voters this time around.

Role Details:
Investigation roles:
Thief: Reveals 1 item of the thief's target. ie: A mafia may have a gun. However, a cop may also have a gun.

Cop: The target's faction will be revealed. If a player is investigated a second time, the cop will find out that players role. If the cop then investigates that same target for a third time the cop will confirm all information, the cop will then have the option to present during the day all the evidence against that person confirmed by me.

Deputy: Becomes the cop if the cop is killed. The deputy receives all information on a target that a cop has investigated twice.

Tracker: Learns who their target targets. If anyone.

Watcher: Learns who targets their target. If anyone.

Stealth: Successfully eludes watchers and trackers.

Forensic Investigator: Learns who has targeted that person throughout the game. (person targeted by the forensic investigator must be dead)

Protection roles:
Doctor: Can protect one person per night including themselves. The doc's target cannot be killed by other roles (they die instead).

Nurse: Becomes the doctor if the doctor is killed.

Bodyguard: Is assigned a player at the start of the game. If the player assigned to the body guard is targeted by a kill action during the night, the bodyguard dies instead.

Roleblocker: Stops their target from doing any action that night.

Jailer: Acts as a roleblocker AND a doctor at the same time (both roleblocks and protects, cannot do each separately).

Killing roles:
Vigilante: The vigilante is a pro-town player who can kill 1 person at night.

Vengeful: Players with a role that is vengeful will be able to kill one person upon their lynch. Does not work if the player is killed via any other action besides lynch.

Paranoid Gun Owner: If this player is killed at night then the person that killed them is killed as well.

Hitman: Kills his target even if his target has been protected by a doctor. Roleblockers still effect him.

Assassin: Is not effected by roleblockers.

Poisoner: The player that he targets is killed the following night.

Serial Killer: Can kill 1 person per night. Does not typically belong to any faction and has to try to survive till the end.

Mafia Specific roles:
Godfather: Leader of the mafia. Appears innocent to initial cop investigations. Second cop investigations will reveal that the Godfather is indeed the Godfather.

Goon: Member of the mafia with no specific powers.

Usurper: Becomes the Godfather when the Godfather is killed. Wins if they become the Godfather (can't become godfather if killed before the godfather) AND the mafia win.

Traitor: Starts as pro-town. The mafia can choose to recruit the traitor at any time throughout the game. Upon recruiting the traitor the traitor then changes to pro-mafia faction. Sometimes the traitor doesn't know they're the traitor, sometimes they do.

Framer: If his target is targeted by a cop, his target appears guilty to that cop.

Pro-Town Specific roles:
Vanilla: Has no power, is just a regular townie.

Miller: Appears as scum to cops. Sometimes the miller knows they are the miller, sometimes they don't.

Inventor: Has 4 inventions. The inventor doesn't know what they do. An inventor can skip a turn to learn what 2 inventions do or to make 2 more inventions.

Third-Party specific roles:
Survivor: Must survive till the end of the game. Wins with either the mafia or town or by themselves.

When the game starts, I will issue a PM and give you your role, your character,(See wiki for more information) and Faction. YOu are free to post PMs and Instant messages that you receive from OTHER PLAYERS, but you can't post, or doctor any messages from me, or even copy and paste. Be warned though, there is no telling if the messages posted are doctored or faked in any way. Consider Sign up and when I think we have enough players, I will immediately unleash my PMs telling you which roles, Character and faction you have (Which will be picked randomly.)

Note: Not all roles specified will be used. There are no lovers in this game as well as no cult leaders.


[Image: 0013382F-E507-48AE-906B-53008666631C-757...cc3639.jpg]
Credit goes to UndercoverAtheist.
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09-03-2013, 06:26 PM
RE: Mafia Game VII/I: Death Note
Alright, I'll bite.

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18-03-2013, 05:27 PM
RE: Mafia Game VII/I: Death Note

[Image: 0013382F-E507-48AE-906B-53008666631C-757...cc3639.jpg]
Credit goes to UndercoverAtheist.
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18-08-2013, 03:59 PM
RE: Mafia Game VII/I: Death Note
I want in!

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It's too damn "peopley" out there....
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