Mafia VI: Zombie Apocalypse (GAME OVER)
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09-01-2013, 12:35 PM (This post was last modified: 02-02-2013 10:48 PM by Grassy Knoll.)
Mafia VI: Zombie Apocalypse (GAME OVER)

[Image: TTAzombiemafia.jpg]

The Zombie Apocalypse is among us.
The world is over run with zombies roaming the land eating any humans left unguarded and unprotected.
Resources are scarce and food and water almost non-existent.
Survival is futile as the normal world we once knew has now turned to utter chaos.

I, Paul Blart your humble mall cop, have managed to barricade myself and one other person, Cuba Gooding Jr, inside the mall of America
as a refuge against the hungry Zombie hoards on the outside. If you are reading this now you still have a chance to join us and spend your
last days in the mall as we accept our fate and live on what is left inside of here. Our only glimmer of hope is that the Amish find us.

Night is upon us and I'll be sealing the mall at daybreak. There is enough food and clean water for about 12 people so post below if you want in (game is in play) and be sure to stake your claim on the area or shop inside the mall that you will want to be yours. Everything in the mall is fair game.

Game Agenda: Vote to eliminate suspicious players each day as the rogue players (Mafia) eliminate one player each night. The game will have a lifespan of not longer than 7 days. Players will be assigned a famous actor persona and a specific movie character reference that will loosely coincide with their game role.
I'll also be giving 3 recognition awards to players at the end of the game for most cunning, most ballsy and most creative board banter Thumbsup

Rules can be found here:
Night Abilities: Can only be used on a person once in a row excluding kill and cop-investigate abilities. If a killer is roleblocked one night the killer can target the same person on the next night.

Successful Kills: The victims role will be revealed as well as how that person was killed which may give some clues as to who killed that person.

Mafia Faction Kill: The mafia may kill 1 person per night. They choose one person to be killed and one person among themselves to do the killing. PM and decide between yourselves and the designated leader will be then PM me at night with the mafias action.

Saved by the protector: Revealed that someone was saved as well as who was saved.

Voting: Everyone has 1 vote each. No double or voteless voters this time around.

Role Details:
Investigation roles:
Karaoke Master: Leaves the mall display karaoke machine in another players section of the mall each night. The song the player sings will be overheard by everyone as part of the story line and may or may not relate to their night action or character reference.

Thief: Reveals 1 item of the thief's target. ie: A mafia may have a gun. However, a cop may also have a gun.

Cop: The target's faction will be revealed. If a player is investigated a second time, the cop will find out that players role. If the cop then investigates that same target for a third time the cop will confirm all information, the cop will then have the option to present during the day all the evidence against that person confirmed by me.

Deputy: Becomes the cop if the cop is killed. The deputy receives all information on a target that a cop has investigated twice.

Tracker: Learns who their target targets. If anyone.

Watcher: Learns who targets their target. If anyone.

Stealth: Successfully eludes watchers and trackers.

Forensic Investigator: Learns who has targeted that person throughout the game. (person targeted by the forensic investigator must be dead)

Protection roles:
Doctor: Can protect one person per night including themselves. The doc's target cannot be killed by other roles (they die instead).

Nurse: Becomes the doctor if the doctor is killed.

Bodyguard: Is assigned a player at the start of the game. If the player assigned to the body guard is targeted by a kill action during the night, the bodyguard dies instead.

Reviver: May revive 1 dead player. Often a one-shot ability.

Roleblocking roles:
Roleblocker: Stops their target from doing any action that night.

Jailer: Acts as a roleblocker AND a doctor at the same time (both roleblocks and protects, cannot do each separately).

Killing roles:
Vigilant: The vigilant is a pro-town player who can kill 1 person at night.

Vengeful: Players with a role that is vengeful will be able to kill one person upon their lynch. Does not work if the player is killed via any other action besides lynch.

Paranoid Gun Owner: If this player is killed at night then the person that killed them is killed as well.

Hitman: Kills his target even if his target has been protected by a doctor. Roleblockers still effect him.

Assassin: Is not effected by roleblockers.

Poisoner: The player that he targets is killed the following night.

Serial Killer: Can kill 1 person per night. Does not typically belong to any faction and has to try to survive till the end.

Mafia Specific roles:
Godfather: Leader of the mafia. Appears innocent to initial cop investigations. Second cop investigations will reveal that the Godfather is indeed the Godfather.

Goon: Member of the mafia with no specific powers.

Usurper: Becomes the Godfather when the Godfather is killed. Wins if they become the Godfather (can't become godfather if killed before the godfather) AND the mafia win.

Traitor: Starts as pro-town. The mafia can choose to recruit the traitor at any time throughout the game. Upon recruiting the traitor the traitor then changes to pro-mafia faction. Sometimes the traitor doesn't know they're the traitor, sometimes they do.

Framer: If his target is targeted by a cop, his target appears guilty to that cop.

Pro-Town Specific roles:
Vanilla: Has no power, is just a regular townie.

Miller: Appears as scum to cops. Sometimes the miller knows they are the miller, sometimes they don't.

Inventor: Has 4 inventions. The inventor doesn't know what they do. An inventor can skip a turn to learn what 2 inventions do or to make 2 more inventions.

Third-Party specific roles:
Survivor: Must survive till the end of the game. Wins with either the mafia or town or by themselves.

Zombie lord: Can recruit 1 player to be a zombie each night. Only the zombie lord can recruit players so once they are killed, that's it. The zombies must be the last faction alive. Upon receiving recruited players roles ("stolen" once a player is recruited), the zombie lord may only select 1 power to use at night including recruiting new members.
ie: If they recruit a cop. That cop becomes an 'incubator' and the Zombie Lord has both the power (to recruit) and now cop power. BUT may only chose one to use each night. If the zombie lord is not lynched by the time he becomes a zombie -zombies win.

Incubator (Zombie Infected): Member of the zombies. They lose all abilities they had in their previous role and that power is instead given to the zombie lord.

Lovers: Two players, often a pro-town and a pro-mafia are madly in love. They know of each other. They can only win when they are the last two alive at the end of the game. When one lover is killed the following lover kills themself the following day or night. They cannot win with their pro-town or pro-mafia faction unless one of the lovers is the last person to be killed and ends the game.
ie: If Lover 1 is pro-town and is killed during the night and was the last pro-town left, then Lover 2 who is pro-mafia will not have time to kill himself and will win with the mafia.

Politicians: Can "buy" one players day vote the night before.

Mentor: Can take on an apprentice but only 1 at a time. The mentor and apprentice then learn each others roles (but the apprentice does not change factions). If the apprentice is killed then the mentor simply takes on another apprentice in the next night. (Night actions).

Role flavors:
These come before a role and dictate what kind of role it is. So, Flavor Role.

Even/Odd Night: Can only use action on even/odd nights.

X-Shot: Can only use ability X amount of times.

Bulletproof: Cannot be killed at night by guns. Serial killers, Assassins use knives and lynching is well.. lynching.

Compulsive: Has to use their ability.

Weak: If targeting a mafia role, they will die. (them, not the person targeted).

Backup: Has no ability, but take on the ability of the person they are backup for.


LadyJane / Watcher Townie
earmuffs / Usurper Mafia
Atothetheist- Mafia -WINNER
bemore / Zombie Lord Cult Leader
cheapthrillseeker / Jailer Townie
itsacow / Doctor Townie
Near / Karaoke Master Townie
Magoo / Poisoner Townie
Phaedrus / Cop Townie
Vosur / Thief Townie
Smooshmonster / Tracker Townie

Day 1

[A voice looms from above] testing... testing... 123 is this thing on? Attention all shoppers, I've always wanted to say that!

Welcome to the Mall of America, well, what's left of it. The generators are still running and there are various non-perishable items to be found around this place so,
we are equipt to survive for a short time. Perhaps a little longer now that I've had to eliminate Cuba Gooding Jr. After hearing him trying to sing Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
on the karaoke machine 20 times in a row... I'd had enough! Perhaps he was trying to tell me something because it is obvious that he was zombified
and I didn't realize it. In my defense I just thought he was being his character reference in the movie Radio.
From the looks of him I guess I should have known?
[Image: radio.jpg]

It appears that some of you have already come in contact with him. While going from my security lair to his hold up in the "cupcake" store, I noticed fresh trails of footprints on his floor.
Which one of you have visited Radio? This could be SERIOUS! A faint scent of women's perfume is all the evidence I can offer.
Also, the karaoke machine has vanished. Consider Anyway I've now put him out of the building to be with the rest of his kind.
I stood in front of the door and let him come for me. Stammering and muttering the words "where's my brains...?"
he stepped onto my Segway and rolled himself right out of the door. It was a close call but, not to worry, I'm a professional.
The building is now sealed and I will no longer be leaving the security lair.
Got to keep my eyes on the security cams and beat my high score on Guitar Hero.

[Image: paul-blart.jpg]

I'll leave it up to you guys to figure out if he has infected anyone in the group. If he has, they need to be eliminated fast before more of you become infected.

Please vote to lynch a certain player or vote no lynch. Time may be of the essence here. The zombie incubation period is 7 days. Good luck. Over and out Thumbsup

(Special recognition awards on this day go to DLJ for most ballsy on post #27 for posting a vid of him and A2 together in a movie. Near for most creative in post #23 for suggesting that we may have actors in drag! & Muffs for most cunning by going after cheap in post #49.)

Tensions are high and no one knows exactly who to trust? All we know is to look for a person who may have worn women's perfume. Mrs. Doubtfire seemed like a good guess but, if Robin Williams is in here with us they have chosen to remain among the silent. No one was lynched on day #1. Although suspicions were quickly tossed about, the small still voice of reason has persuaded the majority to risk a whole night of a possible zombie inflicting it's sickness upon us. Alrighty then Hobo

I've said this before and I believe it holds true here: "If you remember one thing from today, it's this: the mind is the only weapon that doesn't need a holster."

Day 2

Morning has risen and as everyone awakes they trod their way to the Starbucks. "It ain't the end of the world until the coffee is gone" says someone, "I'd sleep my life away with out it". Somebody else says "I would have slept better if ole' earmuffs hadn't been singing 'Shake It Up' by The Cars last night". Muffs says "Ha, I couldn't resist it. Hey who's been hogging the coffee beans? We're almost out already" Everyone looks perplexed... there was beans a plenty yesterday. A person jibes "Next time muffsy, sing the tune 'far far away'" "I'm not familiar with that song?" says muffs. "Where the hell is Denzel?" All stare blankly as they realize the sight deprived bible thumper of the movie 'The Book of Eli' is not among the group. "Oh, he's practicing his putter in the pro-golf shop, over there". Through the store front window it appears that Denzel is hunched over with a putter in his hand. A closer look reveals that he has been jabbed through the heart by a broken off golf club pinning his body in an upright position against the wall. His braille bible hangs over the handle through his chest and a putter has been put into his hands in a mocking fashion. "Who did this!" Everyone looks at each other and the conversation continues here-

Smooshmonster (Tracker) was Denzel Washington from the movie 'The Book of Eli'

[Image: book_eli_washington_320.jpg]

Smoosh has been mysteriously KILLED on the first night!!!!!

(On night 1, Cheap protected self, Vosur stole from cow, cow protected A2, Magoo poisoned Phaedrus, LJ watched bemore, Smoosh tracked A2, Phaedrus investigated A2, Near karaoke'd Muffs, bemore targeted A2 (blocked by cow) & DLJ killed Smoosh as he yelled "TITTY SPRINKLES!!!!")

(Special recognition awards for this day go to Phaedrus for most creative with his character role in post #112. DLJ is quite cunning in post #227 by suggesting the karaoke frame plot and bemore was the most ballsy this day for voting for himself in post #137.)

Everyone is obviously distraught over Denzel's impalement. Such a horrible death calls for an answer. Phaedrus claims to have been poisoned and suffers from mind altering hallucinations. The ramblings of a certain cow leave us all scratching our heads about zombies and Jesus. Even worse still, the coffee supply has been looted to a mere modicum of what it once was. Who's gonna pay for this? Finger pointing and arguing all day long has caused an inordinate amount of mistrust and fracturing among the group. What do we know? That earmuffs likes The Cars. Is it a clue? Someone shouts...

"Make him walk the Ghostly Gangplank till he fesses!"

Teetering up the long climb to the top of Anchor Drop Falls he solemnly declares his innocence. Stepping closer and closer to the end of the plank, voices shout "push him off" and "he's guilty and he knows it!" and "Let's see you 'shake it up' now, Muffs?". The stand off continues for the better part of the day and finally- a hand thrusts him beyond the perilous edge!

End over end he goes in an awkward shifting of mid-air somersaults to avoid... *SPLAT* landing on his head. Everyone slides down the "Pallbearers Pipe" to inspect the damage. "He's dead". "Good riddance". "Guilty fucker". "That scar down the side of his face gave me the creeps anyways!". "Why was he wearing a race car driver jacket?".

Who was he?
earmuffs (Mafia) was Kurt Russell from the movie 'Death Proof'. He has been lynched!

[Image: 18759757.jpg]

Has been made to walk the plank on Day #2!!!!!

Day 3

The first rays of dawn have begun to penetrate the mall atrium flooding the inside air with it's warmth and light. Will this be a good day? Sleep was a bit hampered by the sound of Vosur singing Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' along with the curiosity of wondering if Phaedrus would make it through the night? That question loomed heavy as everyone gathered by his final resting place. He lay still in his bed. He is cold. Life no longer resides within Phaedrus. "Why?" A yellow legal pad is picked up off the floor next to a 21 Jump Street precinct badge. It reads;

"How long have I been here? All these signs of violence. What has happened?
There was evidence in this room of excessive consumption of almost every type
of drug known to civilized man since 1544 AD. What kind of addict would need all
these coconut husks and crushed honeydew rinds? Would the presence of junkies
account for all these uneaten french fries? These puddles of glazed ketchup on
the bureau? Maybe so. But then why all this booze? And these crude pornographic
photos smeared with mustard that had dried to a hard yellow crust? These were
not the hoofprints of your average God-fearing junky. It was too savage. Too
aggressive. Few people understand the psychology of dealing with a highway
traffic cop. Don't worry about the... the ...b b bats"

"Poor Johnny Depp. An odd cat indeed." "Looks like he'd lost his mind but he had a good soul." "He was a Cop?" "Yes, and an undercover investigative journalist." "Hey, that's not dried ketchup over there, it's blood!" "Where's it coming from?" "Up there, it's a dead bat!" A steady trickle of blood is streaming down from two bat ears that are poking over the giant moose head on the wall. "What kind of "bat" is that?" It's George Clooney in his role as Batman and he's been shot by a sniper right between the eyes! So, this is how day #3 has begun. Now what? The queries abound...

Phaedrus Cop/Investigative Journalist (Townie) was Johnny Depp in the movie 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' and has been poisoned during the 2nd night!

[Image: Depp21jumpstreet_fearandloathing.png]

Magoo Poisoner (Townie) was George Clooney playing the role as 'Batman' has also been killed in the night!

[Image: ClooneyBatman.jpg]

(Night 2 actions were, Near karaoke's Vosur, bemore bites LJ, Vosur steals from bemore, cheap blocks cow, LJ watches cow, DLJ frames Vosur, A2 kills Magoo, cow is blocked, Paedrus dies, Magoo killed)

(Special recognition award of creativity goes to cow on this day for referring to the Zombie Lord as Jesus in post #225. Vosur gets the most ballsy in post #233 and A2 was most cunning for quickly capitalizing on Vosurs vengeance in post #234.)

Ah-ha! It's a day of 'gotchya' with a hint of Mexican stand off. Vosur has been called out but he has evidence that points to another player. That player is bemore. Reflections on known actors and perfume; Johnny Depp played a 'Bon Bon' character in drag once. Dustin Hoffman played Tootsie and California's beloved Arnie even went drag once that I know of. What would Michael J Fox be doing with a bottle of women's perfume? The undeniable evidence is certain to Vosur but is this also why he sings Thriller in the night? His explanation is followed with a threat- "Thriller was the only song available on the karaoke player so, I had no choice. Take me down and I'm taking somebody else with me!" What to do with two players at odds with each other? In this odd circumstance it seems appropriate to put them on the Fairly Odd Coaster and see if we all can sort this thing out. Let's restrain the situation by restraining these two players into the safety harness of the coaster seats. Perhaps they'll have a clearer perspective while whirling about together and spinning at the rides' normal 3.2 G force?

Yanking from side to side, rapidly reversing and going up and down. Stomach acid churning into a grimace of painful vomit creeping up the throat. Suddenly, Vosur's seat snaps loose from it's bolts! "We've got to slow this thing down!" All gather at the control pedestal but the machine keeps going faster and faster! It's apparently been SABOTAGED!!!!

Realizing his fate, Vosur unfastens his belt and wraps it around bemore. "I told you if I go -then you go too!" bemore nonchalantly gives him the finger. Spinning to and fro the G's are too strong to hold on much longer. The seat breeches it's hull and swings Vosur into the path of a passing object and his neck is snapped instantly. The force of the acrobatic collision shoots the chair in the opposite direction forcing the belt around bemore to rip him clean in half! Such are the laws of physics in the Nickelodeon Universe. bemore's severed torso and entrails are flung about leaving a thin mist of Zombie Lord blood that gives an acrid taste as it trickles through the air- onto everyone. Think of the odds?

Too bad... you're all zombies now. Although I hear that the Amish have a great homeopathic cure for Z.I.V. so let's not loose hope here. It will all be good when they find us, unless they happen to be 'Amish Mafia'.... eek!

Vosur Thief/Opportunist (Townie) was Dustin Hoffman in the movie 'Little Big Man' and has been lynched on day #3!
[Image: 752-1-moyen.jpg]

bemore Zombie Lord/Power Thief (Cult Leader) was Marlene McFly in the movie 'Back To The Future 2' and has been killed via a vengeful action!

[Image: tumblr_mbv04zLw6d1rbu729o1_500.jpg]

Day 4

Fright night is finally over and the new day is soon to be in fruition. A group of rogue members have been hoarding coffee, rigging the karaoke machine, sabotaging roller coasters AND... killing off players in the night! Sadly last night was no exception... cow's hoofsteps will never again echo within the hallows of this mall. I can see his lifeless corpse "tango uniform" among the potted fern pavilion. I guess it's the closest thing we got to being put out to pasture. The last thing that I can remember while viewing cow from the security lair were the sounds of him singing 'Bad Case of Loving You' by Robert Palmer. What happened last night you guys? Looks like he was beaten to death. This has got to STOP! If you keep going at this rate things aren't going to last much longer. What have you got to say for yourselves?
itsacow Doctor (Townie) was Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the role as Dr Alex/Alexandra Hesse from the movie 'Junior' and has been killed in the night!

[Image: ArnoldDrAlexandraHesseJunior_zps8d17b0e5.jpg]

Night 3 actions were, Near karaoke's cow, cheap investigates DLJ, DLJ kills cheap, LJ watches DLJ and cow protects cheap.

(Special recognition awards on this day go to LJ for the ballsy way of defending herself in post #271. Cunning to A2 for insisting LJ as Mafia in post #275 and cheap for creatively accusing A2 and Near as "Lovers" in post #279, that was great!)

Some rather nefarious deeds have been afoot here and all are eager to ferret out the menace. The day/night tides of trust and verification have turned into a rough sea of doubt and confusion. Seeds of the cunning have sprouted into the prickly thorns of dismay and betrayal. A possible love pact is pondered but all if any love is now lost between everyone. Who is to be blamed in this day of reckoning? A2 seems a likely culprit but has gained just the right amount of trust to avoid a fatal Lynching. That fact did not bode well for LJ as she found herself this day swinging from the gallows pole. Thus the townies lost their numbers to live another night. Chaos rules this final day in a pummeling blow to cheapthrills by DLJ with a backhanded slap to the face and a swift swing of his pimp cane to her gut. A2 takes Near and holds him at gun point to play a final song on his karaoke machine. AC/DC's 'Back In Black' blares through the speakers along with the sounds of multiple bullets to Near's extremities until they reach his head. I remain safe in my security lair and live on to tell this story.

Jonas and Ada Corleone have traversed the treacherous Zombie ruined world and now partake in the spoils prepared for them by their fellow clan members. I hope that homeopathic shit works, but I doubt it will.

[Image: tumblr_mgf18vh9po1qaebjjo1_500.jpg]

Great game everyone, thanks for playing!
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09-01-2013, 01:08 PM
RE: Mafia VI: Zombie Apocalypse edtition
Me! Big Grin
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10-01-2013, 02:50 AM
RE: Mafia VI: Zombie Apocalypse edtition
sure, why not.
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10-01-2013, 04:43 AM
RE: Mafia VI: Zombie Apocalypse edtition
I went to the mall link.

I was very surprised that I could not find any shops that sold chainsaws / guns / baseball bats / hockey sticks.

I thought all Murikan shops sold these.

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10-01-2013, 03:48 PM
RE: Mafia VI: Zombie Apocalypse edtition
I'm in, I guess.

[Image: 0013382F-E507-48AE-906B-53008666631C-757...cc3639.jpg]
Credit goes to UndercoverAtheist.
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10-01-2013, 03:53 PM
RE: Mafia VI: Zombie Apocalypse edtition

(Translation, im in)

I wanna be Bruce Campbell

I feel so much, and yet I feel nothing.
I am a rock, I am the sky, the birds and the trees and everything beyond.
I am the wind, in the fields in which I roar. I am the water, in which I drown.
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10-01-2013, 04:06 PM
RE: Mafia VI: Zombie Apocalypse edtition
In I am

[Image: 3d366d5c-72a0-4228-b835-f404c2970188_zps...1381867723]
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11-01-2013, 06:08 PM
RE: Mafia VI: Zombie Apocalypse edtition
If I am not consumed by Mount and Blade I will join.

Under Repair.
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12-01-2013, 10:09 PM
RE: Mafia VI: Zombie Apocalypse edtition
A few more and this game is on.
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13-01-2013, 01:38 AM
RE: Mafia VI: Zombie Apocalypse edtition
Advertised a bit for you grassy in the coffee house.
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