Mafia VI: Zombie Apocalypse (GAME OVER)
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27-01-2013, 01:35 PM (This post was last modified: 27-01-2013 01:39 PM by DLJ.)
RE: Mafia VI: Zombie Apocalypse edtition
Smoosh's demise got me thinking:

"Through the store front window it appears that Denzel is hunched over with a putter in his hand. A closer look reveals that he has been jabbed through the heart by a broken off golf club pinning his body in an upright position against the wall."

Is Grassy telling us something? Or just coincidence? Or is it a framing?:

(18-01-2013 06:05 PM)Phaedrus Wrote:  ...
I sit on the 3rd floor sipping a Mai Tai made from pilfered alcohol. Not my usual style, but when the world goes to shit you might as well enjoy a Jamaican while sitting next to an indoor moose-themed golf course.


When A2 investigated Muffsy he found evidence of guilt. It turns out he was mafia so he was not framed.

Is the murder weapon above, evidence that there might be a Framer at work?

Is anyone curious about the perfume? The opening story and our zombie friend itsacow seem to be hinting that the Zombie Lord wears perfume.
Note that all the movie characters are male. There were three female players originally (but Grassy thought we had two hehehe). I want to know if Tom Cruise is hiding a secret. Zombie Lord or Zombie Lady? Can anyone find out?


Titty Sprinkles.

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