Makers fairs
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24-08-2016, 12:35 PM (This post was last modified: 24-08-2016 12:38 PM by Gloucester.)
RE: Makers fairs
(24-08-2016 12:07 PM)tomilay Wrote:  
(24-08-2016 09:59 AM)Gloucester Wrote:  Can't agree with some if that, though many innovative people have been sucked into the system, the establishment or fallen for the root of all evil. The "real" inmovators just want to be in the labor workshop. I turned down promotion because it would have changed my job dramatically. Actually would not have paid much more.

Not sure what your last sentence means, there are fundamentals that we can't improve on much. Removing metals, say, has moved on from carving chunks off with sharp tools and loads of mechanical effort, we now have laser and plasma cutting, plus "water lasers" cutting stone, plastics etc.

3D printing is beginning to take over from casting and other ancient techniques.

There's a whole thread worth in comparing old and new. Even without touching on medical equipment.

That last sentence. I had in mind Albert Einstein's insights. In retrospect, it may not be fair to expect such things every century. But a lot of other non-gradual discoveries are made around that time.
Einstein was the pinacle I suppose. Along with the others at the 1911 Solvay conference we had those who laid most of the foundations for our nuclear physics at least. But science was "smaller" then, as time went by there were harder and harder problems to solve at that level, eventually needing the likes of the LHC to dig deeper.

The book, "E=mc^2" by David Bodanis is quite good, explaining the work that went into building the theory from the 18thC onwards. We have people ranging from French aristos to the son of an English blacksmith (Michael Farady).

Now we have thousands of highly qualified scientists, billions of dollars and few openings where basic, simple scientific discoveries can get any much recognition. If the public were even interested. Good stuff out there that may change our lives one day, but hardly the stuff of legend! Not enough immediate BANG!

Tomorrow is precious, don't ruin it by fouling up today.
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