Malevolent or benevolent universe?
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21-09-2013, 11:01 AM
RE: Malevolent or benevolent universe?
I think the universe is completely indifferent. It's obviously favorable to intelligent life or we wouldn't be here to complain most of it is hostile to life.
As for the other part, this is the only life I have in the only universe I'm avare of. Maybe I could enjoy a different life more, or a different universe. No way I can actually experience and judge.
Now as far as it goes, I'm quite content. I'm not afraid of death, just of suffering before it. I'm not concerned by any kind of afterlife or reincarnation. I'm not sad I'll die because the alternatives, eternal life and not coming to existence at all may suck more. At least eternal life likely does, but no way to experiment either one and compare.
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21-09-2013, 11:29 AM
RE: Malevolent or benevolent universe?
(20-09-2013 09:19 AM)Chas Wrote:  
(19-09-2013 11:40 PM)Paranoidsam Wrote:  The universe is indifferent... it's unconscious, has no emotions, and no plan.

I'm comfortable with that idea...

While the universe can be both wonderful and terrible, it is fair... it does not judge, it does not expect, it does not promise, it does not deceive, it does not punish, it does not reward.

A lot more appealing to me than a god, regardless of whether he's inherently benevolent or malevolent.[/i]

Almost there.

It's not even fair. Or unfair.

It just is.

I agree. Again I didn't mean to imply any conscious intent to the universe. I think that the fact that it just is makes it benevolent or perhaps beneficent would be a better choice of word. The fact that the universe doesn't have a plan for us leaves us free to choose our own plan for our lives. If we choose the right course of action we stand a good chance of success and happiness, though it is never guaranteed. But I have noticed that the vast majority of people do think the universe is malevolent. I am thinking of the phrase, "It's too good to be true". You never hear people say that it's too bad to be true. Another example would be "no pain, no gain". the best example of this view of the world that I have seen lately was a line from one of the Pope's speeches recently, and I am paraphrasing, "If things are going good something is wrong" Someone posted the text of his speech on another forum and that was the title. It made me shake my head and laugh.

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21-09-2013, 01:49 PM
RE: Malevolent or benevolent universe?
(21-09-2013 06:14 AM)absols Wrote:  i mean piece of gluing insolence, that when free superiority and superior freedom is the truth

then shitty who when sees a free pretense look like or a superior prtense look like and mean to marry, happy to find their lives by thinking they can confuse their plays so become one true existing wealth value, is what point clearly each one of u, to kick out from even dreaming possible meaning anything

again i repeat, since that is ur redundant ways, when existence is free superiority and superior freedom

then a free sense would recognize himself true being in seeing a superior sense, so he would b the superior thing way more then the objective sense, while then since it is about truth all objective reality of whatever sense would b much the fact present for the sight to deal with, so with everyone

which show ur love thing is based on rats opportunism, actually u r so happy about anything to abuse as if u got smthg, that is why to u it is normal to argue forever till u finally get smthg undenied but also then u would mean to get everyone recognitions so the gift would b free and even there u would argue with nothing to kill it so u alone would say being through sme ... it is an infinite noway that guarantee shitty how far u cant get anything not even a pretense of standing on being a value of any kind in dark

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21-09-2013, 02:59 PM
RE: Malevolent or benevolent universe?
(19-09-2013 07:10 PM)I Am Wrote:  The problem isn't "mal" or "bene", it's the "vol" part.

Goddamn voles.
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They think they're all that. Dodgy

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