Man cured of HIV
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06-06-2011, 03:51 PM (This post was last modified: 06-06-2011 04:05 PM by ashley.hunt60.)
Man cured of HIV
Why the hell isn't this front-page? Oh, right, Weiner admits he did tweet his penis. Obviously more important than the cure for HIV.


By accident, but an HIV positive man got a bone marrow transplant from someone immune to HIV, and then he became functionally cured.

Quote:Since HIV was discovered 30 years ago this week, 30 million people have died from the disease, and it continues to spread at the rate of 7,000 people per day globally, the UN says.

There's not much good news when it comes to this devastating virus. But that is perhaps why the story of the man scientists call the "Berlin patient" is so remarkable and has generated so much excitement among the HIV advocacy community.

Timothy Ray Brown suffered from both leukemia and HIV when he received a bone marrow stem cell transplant in Berlin, Germany in 2007. The transplant came from a man who was immune to HIV, which scientists say about 1 percent of Caucasians are. (According to San Francisco's CBS affiliate, the trait may be passed down from ancestors who became immune to the plague centuries ago. This Wired story says it was more likely passed down from people who became immune to a smallpox-like disease.)
What happened next has stunned the dozens of scientists who are closely monitoring Brown: His HIV went away.

"He has no replicating virus and he isn't taking any medication. And he will now probably never have any problems with HIV," his doctor Gero Huetter told Reuters. Brown now lives in the Bay Area, and suffers from some mild neurological difficulties after the operation. "It makes me very happy," he says of the incredible cure.
The development of anti-retroviral drugs in the 1990s was the first sign of hope in the epidemic, transforming the disease from a sudden killer to a more manageable illness that could be lived with for decades. But still, the miraculous cocktail of drugs is expensive, costing $13 billion a year in developing countries alone, according to Reuters. That figure is expected to triple in 20 years--raising the worry that more sick people will not be able to afford treatment.

Although Brown's story is remarkable, scientists were quick to point out that bone marrow transplants can be fatal, and there's no way Brown's treatment could be applied to the 33.3 million people around the world living with HIV. The discovery does encourage "cure research," according to Dr. Jay Levy, who co-discovered HIV thirty years ago, something that many people did not even think was possible years ago.

Okay, so the cure isn't about to shipped off to Africa, but this is major headway. We know that this procedure can sure HIV, now it's just a matter of isolating the factors that cure HIV and making them as simple, safe, and widely available as possible.

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06-06-2011, 06:01 PM
Heart RE: Man cured of HIV
A beautiful report. Hopefully all the major news services will pick this up and run with it. Nothing like emailing it to their attention, including the uncensored news groups
as well. The more that know, the better chance this has of making medical advances.
I don't know anything about genetic research, but one wonders if any of this bone marrow belonging to the donor who's immune to HIV, could be harvested and one day made into an implantable treatment option.

In any event, I've never heard of someone who's HIV immune so this bodes hope for the whole world, in essence. Beautiful. Smile

Magic Johnson shows no symptoms of HIV/AIDS. He's not what science would call cured, however he does not have any signs of HIV. He utilized ultra-violet blood irradiation treatment as well as ozone blood therapy at a treatment center near the Chesapeake Bay in the Maryland area.
Of course, it's not FDA approved, so when he spoke of it once in an interview he was very vague with the details, because he didn't want to be responsible for healers getting shut down by authorities with vested interests.

Edit to add, because I just couldn't resist. Tried, but failed miserably. Tongue There's just something really off that an asshole named Wiener Tweets his Weiner and that news is superior to this, for front page reader attention.
I've seen Weiner when he was trying to weasel out of responsibility for this matter and I wouldn't want to see a Tweetie of his wewe.
What an numskull thing to do.
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06-06-2011, 09:11 PM
RE: Man cured of HIV
Yay! Stem cells.

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07-06-2011, 05:12 AM
RE: Man cured of HIV
This story is from 6 months ago or so, and the fact that is has not made bigger news leads me to believe that they have not yet been able to replicate it. It is one thing to stumble upon a cure, it is another thing entirely to understand how it worked and be able to re-produce it over and over again and then administer it to millions of people. Even if this is really viable, we could be years away from seeing it in any real production.

Good news but I don't think it is great news, at least not yet. One of those "fingers cross" moments.

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07-06-2011, 05:52 AM
RE: Man cured of HIV
Even if this is a random happenstance, I wasn't aware that they knew there were people immune. The man giving the bone marrow would be excessively helpful if they are just postulating on that.

Usually the news hypes things up before they're real anyway. Always in an attempt to be first.

I'm not a non believer, I believe in the possibility of anything. I just don't let the actuality of something be determined by a 3rd party.
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07-06-2011, 07:25 AM
RE: Man cured of HIV
Bah! The media. What goes on between Weiner and his wiener is between himself, his wife, and the hot college girls that he spends his off time with. It is really none of our business. Which is what he should have said in the first place. Since he went around lieing, I guess that is an issue between him and his constituents.

But not the rest of us. WE DONT REALLY CARE.

At least, I dont care enough for several people.

I wanted to hear them talk about adding two new elements to the periodic table and then discuss with some scientists how that happened and what it meant for research. Then to end on a light note for the kids, they could talk about funny name suggestions for the elements. I guess I'm being square though.
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08-06-2011, 03:20 AM (This post was last modified: 08-06-2011 03:24 AM by Filox.)
RE: Man cured of HIV
A local leader an ex-president of Bougainville Island had claimed he had a cure (natural) for AIDS, but the whole isladn was under embargo and under military occupation for decades, so he could not confirm his claims, but he did say that everyone is welcome to come and see for themselves is it true or not. If you could break through the blockade. Now the island has autonomy, so you are all free to go and see why is Bougainville so special.

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