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21-06-2013, 06:43 PM
RE: Man of Steel Discussion
I was wondering the same thing about Jor El easily defeating not only Zod, but his entire guard...

I also wondered about the metal that doesn't appear on our table of emements... Which seems ridiculous, since it would likely be very rare, and highly unstable...

Why couldn't it just be known elements, used in some innovative way? Would make much more sense.
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22-06-2013, 06:46 AM
RE: Man of Steel Discussion
Because, ya know, movie! Tongue

Making these things, ya know, ya hafta cater to the least common denominator. Making the science with the accuracy geeks like us would find acceptable... well, it'd be a documentary with piss poor box office.

I saw this thing last night. Pretty decent flick, overall. And I don't try to analyse movies, for the above reason and others. Unless it is blatantly fucked off - like Star Trek Into Darkness. Watched twenty minutes of that fucker and was like - you gotta be fucking kidding me! Tongue

living word
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22-06-2013, 12:45 PM
RE: Man of Steel Discussion
(21-06-2013 02:52 PM)Ferdinand Wrote:  Their barrier-like helmet technology sort of filtered and protected them from the sunlight and atmosphere, allowing them to maintain their powers. One their technology was damaged or destroyed, they were vulnerable to the earth and the already-acclimate Superman.

They didn't have any powers before they came to earth. If you remember from the opening, no one could fly or was invulnerable. Jor-El slashed Zod's face pretty good during their fight. Just like they state in the comics and in the movie, it is the yellow sun that gives Kryptonians their god-like powers. Therefore, they wouldn't even be in Superman's league if their suits block out sunlight.

Quote:Because God and Christianity was what he was raised on earth to know, regardless that he was also aware he wasn't from earth. But it was what he was taught and comfortable with. It was all he knew, because he knew nothing of Krypton.

That still doesn't make any sense. Many people here were raised Christian, but eventually left the faith. I think knowing that you are an alien from another planet--something that would invalidate the bible--would make it hard to be a Christian (then again they don't let contradictions stop them). I guess we can chalk this up to the filmmakers focusing on the Christian demographic: "You can't be American unless you are a Christian."

Quote: Kryptonian > Human constructed objects
Kryptonian = Kryptonian

They are still biological entities that can be hurt. The rocket knocks Faora unconscious. I guess my problem is that they showed no external sign of damage while getting punched and kicked around, yet their necks can be broken. I think, considering that this is supposed to be a more realistic Superman, that they should have at least bled a little. Superman was covered in all sorts of swollen bruises when he fought Doomsday in the comics during the 90s.
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