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26-09-2015, 08:56 PM
RE: Mario Maker
(25-09-2015 05:07 AM)Shadow Fox Wrote:  
(25-09-2015 02:32 AM)Ferdinand Wrote:  So... you despise a good majority of anything competitive co-op or multiplayer? Gotcha. And, I mean, that's fine. I know tons of people that just hate competitive games because other people can ruin the fun. But that's where I draw the line in Splatoon. Compared to a lot of other competitive games, its more fun than rage inducing. My only complaint with the balance of the game, which is just as retarded as it is meaningless, is turf and splat fest matchmaking... For example, you can be a level 15 and wind up in lobbies with level's well below you, as well as level 20's-30's. SOMETIMES you'll get someone in your match that's just fucking EXTRAVAGANT, whether they're on your team or against you, but there are so many attributes that balance the game and your competitors out. It doesn't matter how good (or shitty) you are with a gun, because your death/kill ratio doesn't factor into your victory MUCH. Dying a lot can still injure your team, because in turf mode, every second counts (Rank is a different story.) If your entire team is wiped, the enemy can cover a fuck ton of ground in the few seconds it takes for you to respawn. But because they added so many different aspects into the battling and competitive nature of the game, it isn't that difficult to be good, even when you're in lobbies of people well above your level, or even when you have extravagants in your lobby. There are tons of different weapons that support all types of play styles, even play styles like mine, personally, which despise guns and long range (that's where semi-range melee weapons come in and kick ass.) There's a variety of weapons, each with unique specials that fits all sorts of different combinations of gameplay (Kraken Roller Hallelujah) It's probably on my top 10 favorite video games... I'm level 30, Rank B and I have the amiibos. But most of all, I hate myself.


Oh not, multiplayer is amazing and co-op is even better! long as your enemies and the players you are playing with are not against you and all your enemies are computers and the other players are working WITH you and not against you.

Which is why I absolutely LOVE Diablo III because no one players Brawling and the entire games set up is not entirely based around killing a final boss over and over again and then PVP all the way. Everyone hates pvp in D3 and the game is about working together and fighting computers, not each other.

Everyone has their likes and whatnot and I dislike playing against anything with a human mind attached. Heck, I almost don't even like playing board games with people because they are my enemies in it.

Me and conflict don't like each other, even if its mild lol.

My biggest problems outside of I hate the game because of its nature is no Lobby.

Without a Lobby and a Chat room in that Lobby to discuss how each of you are going to gear up before a match, there is absolutely zero way of ever forming a team. You are not a team, you are 4 completely random people with completely random weapons randomly selected by each of you for whatever purpose you want to do and there is no forming a plan.

Second, you can never play with friends as far as I can tell. Teams are formed randomly from what I have been told. I have also never seen or heard anyone use a team chat before. Having a team chat ( while keeping enemies silent ) is also a must if I am going to work with others in a hostile match like that.

I need to be able to form an already established team, be able to see and talk to all of them in a chat at all times and before the match begins there needs to be a 1-2 minute waiting period before the match begins where each of you select your weapons and roles in the team.

Not being able to play with friends and lack of lobby chat is also a complaint of mine. Nintendo never added lobby chat because they didn't want to worry about vulgarity or profanity, as they keep their titles strictly family oriented. The only borrowed title they have that's like "lmao what" Wii U release is Call of Duty Ghosts... which was really odd for Nintendo to take on considering they NORMALLY stray from violent themed games or any functions that could expose children to profane themes.
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