Mask: Vira-Lata
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10-03-2012, 08:48 PM
Mask: Vira-Lata
"vira" means "turns" and "lata" means "can", so a literal translation could be "can turner (or tipper)", but it's basically a street dog. It's possibly other animals, but I only know it as a dog currently as my portuguese isn't the best in the world.

The dog came to our street one day and all of our neighbors being so kind started feeding it. We didn't want to at first, because we were the only ones on the block without a dog, so the responsibility would have fallen to us. We also didn't want it to starve either. Soon, it was being feed all the time though and after that started getting used to the yard and not being on the street so much. Funny looking Mask with the weird teeth...

It's been a while, but being responsible, we wanted to fix the dog. It's not so common here. Either way, yesterday was the day to get him fixed. My wife was worried to death, but had to work, so I went with her daughter. He had never been in a car before, so we lined the back of the car and I was back there with him. He got sick about half way though, so we stopped a while for him. He didn't puke, but he looked like he needed to stop. The roads on the island are bumpy as hell, so driving for the first time must have been hell for him.

Well, almost to the place, we didn't exactly know where it was so were driving around looking for it. Didn't really pay enough attention to the dog. I had the leash... oh, btw, he never wore a leash before this either... Well, he puked. I went to clean it up, and wasn't paying attention to the leash and he jumped out of the window shitting on his way out. I thought my wife had walked him that morning before I woke up since she always does.. I shouldn't have assumed anything.

So now I'm chasing a dog down a street on an island in Brazil with a little dog puke and shit on me. Luckily he wasn't really running from me, he was just curiously looking around wondering where the hell he was. Got back to the car, and cleaned it up. I'm glad there were also baby whips in the car. Then found out we were right next to the place we were going.

We went in and poor Mask didn't know what the hell was going on. There were mostly puppies and kittens in there. The people talked a little fast for me, so I just stood there and waited for something to do... Ok, hold the dog while they shove the thermometer up his ass. I can do that. I'm hoping I cleaned him enough... I know the outside of the car still had some turd rolling down the outside of the door. .. The temp was too high. Hmm. Well, we went to the vet just to make sure. Luckily not too far away. I got things cleaned up a little more... the most I could without going home first, and we went to the vet. There were all kinds of larger dogs. Mask isn't so big, but wanted to bark at and sniff everyone. Especially the big dogs that didn't want to have anything to do with him and wouldn't have payed attention to him if he didn't bark at them... Damn it!.. So we sat in the corner like we were in trouble, gave the dog water and waited.

The Vet saw Mask and gave him rave reviews. He was probably just nervous. He says the teeth might be messed up because he probably was hit by a car. We stopped by a store to get fabric. I walk the dog all over the place. He drinks tons of water. I guess he hydrated. He had been salivating like crazy all morning.

So on the way back, we stopped to make sure he was ok. Then (I guess he was feeling sick even though we had just left a place) he jumps on my lap... crushes my balls... I then out my window, since his doesn't have enough space to jump out of... I had to quickly let go of the leash to not choke him... we weren't exactly moving slowly, but not really fast either... I really shouldn't have had my damned window open. Well, he was alright. He ran straight back into the car and seemed quite happy with himself (probably just relieved to not have the world spinning or something). I felt like a fool for not paying attention enough again. I held him closer to make sure he wouldn't jump out again.

Well, a little away from the house, I noticed he was getting sick again, so I tell her to stop, but we are on a hill that we can't really stop at (people come around the curves a little quicker then they should... it wouldn't be safe), so in just a ... and he pukes all over me. Like a gusher of all the water he drank earlier... all over. I'm laughing slightly and trying to calm the dog while my wife's daughter is trying hard not to get sick. She didn't get puked all over though.

Close enough to the house, I had her let me out and we walked the rest of the way. My pants are soaked... the car... damn. I spent the rest of the day cleaning the car. The dog didn't get fixed. I gave him some good food to make sure he would eat since he didn't get to since the night before. Currently he is happily licking his balls, and I'm thinking "one day, mutt. one day"... better enjoy it while you can.

Defy gravity... stand up. Drinking Beverage
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