Material on Judeo-Christian reincarnation?
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09-01-2013, 07:21 PM
RE: Material on Judeo-Christian reincarnation?
(03-01-2013 01:32 AM)Aseptic Skeptic Wrote:  I didn't mean to frustrate or insult. I wasn't suggesting that she should buy the kitten; I was worried that she might (I don't know her as well as you do).

Taking your word for it that she won't, then my question still stands - even if her father reincarnates "as a new person", what good does it do her? She will never meet him and if she does by some coincidence, she won't know it's him - it'll be a small child with no resemblance at all. So i don't see the appeal of reincarnation.

You're the one who said your mother is a weak Christian. That says to me that she's probably more likely to buy into the whole heaven idea than I am, or you are. So why doesn't that work for her?

All things considered, I would rather believe that my mother is up there in heaven watching over me, and that some day I'll be reunited with her, than believe she's been reincarnated into a child who would be about 8 years old right now, somewhere, maybe starving in Ethiopia, maybe burning furniture for heat in Nepal, or maybe happily enjoying her new Barbie Dream House and XBox games in her parents' luxury condo in Manhattan. Any way you slice it, reincarnation does much less for me than good old fashioned heaven, and I don't believe one iota of either one.

I'd love to give you what you want, but I'm not able to suggest any good, simple, or plausible books on reincarnation. I'm sorry you mistook my evaluation of the options as criticism of your mother whom I've never met - I was merely weighing the options in order of plausibility and usefulness and finding them all to be highly lacking as a comfort mechanism.

Sorry for the confusion. I know she definitely won’t be buying a kitten anytime soon because the last of our family cats died a year so ago at the age of 19. My parents claim they are done with having pets.

She has so much cognitive dissidence going on that it’s hard to get a read on her thought process. She told me that she first started to think about reincarnation when we were present for his passing. She supposedly felt a wave of energy (his soul, apparently) pass through her. My grandfather's early life was horrible and his death was not very pleasant, so I can only guess that my mother wants to believe that he has been reborn into a much happier life. I talked to her about how the idea of reincarnation and karmic retribution contrasts with traditional Christian teachings, but she still chooses to believe in it. However, this is no different than the many, many Christians who believe in myriad other things that don’t jive with the bible.

The last thing I wrote was more of generalized statement aimed at anyone with knowledge of said material who happened upon the thread.
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